You Know You’re a U2 Fan – Part 2

22 February 2016

Mondays. Gosh, I hate Mondays. Don’t give me the whole “It’s a brand new week full of opportunity!” motivation talk. It won’t work. Mondays are about getting out of bed insanely early and miss a few sweet hours of sleep. I’m not a morning person. At all. I get grumpy and overdose on coffee. But eh, good for you (or not) I recently changed coffee brand and i’m getting a bit over productive these last days. The caffeine is strong in that one. Uff.

Anyways, I wrote in an earlier post that I could give you infinite reasons to be a U2 fan. Well, guess what? I’m still working on that one (infinity is kinda long you know). But eh, I promised you some more and I ‘usually’ keep my word – ‘usually’ implies that I didn’t ran out of coffee. Sequels are not well known to be the best thing ever invented, but i’ll try my luck with that one. There you go people, here’s :


“Another 19 things only U2 fans will get”

(Yes, still 19. Because… Well you know.)
  1. You see U2 references absolutely everywhere around you – a word, a picture, even a lightbulb.

(You have to admit that since the #U2ietour, your boring journeys to Ikea became way more fun! )

Every fuckin where.

  1. If you’re not the religious type (even if you are actually), the Church of U2 is the one you’re ready to believe in.

  2. You’ve rehearsed one zillion times in your head what you wanted to tell the guys if you ever met them.

(but once in the signing line, mumbling something that sounded like “Hey” already felt like a freakin victory.)

  1. One of the things you really like about winter is the fact that your car’s windows are always up.  Meaning you can (badly) sing along at the top of your lungs.

  2. You always completely lose it when a U2 song comes up on PA – and you’re way past being ashamed of jumping around the mall.

  3. If you’re feeling weak, you know you just have to listen to ‘Out Of Control’ to shoot up your blood pressure.

  4. You get slightly excited when you look at the clock and it just turned Midnight.

‘is wheeeeere the day begins.’ *air guitaring the hell out*

  1. If you get death stares from your neighbors because the music is too loud, you put MoFo on and turn it louder.

  2. You probably have as much pictures of U2 saved in your phone as members of your family.

  3. You always find one song that perfectly fits the day you’re having.

  4. Your top 5 ‘U2 songs’ never lasts more than 5 minutes.

(you always think you have it and oh wait, there’s this one… Crap.)

  1. Some of your best friends are U2 fans obviously, and they always get you more than the others.

  2. You might not have met all of them in person, but it feels like you’ve known each other forever.

  3. You never really got why people were so mad about the whole iTunes thing.

    Why?! No! Whyyyy?
    Here’s a dollar to NOT touch my phone!

  4. And that’s probably because you can’t even process the idea that some people don’t like U2.

(It’s called insanity, people)

  1. You still have a few doubts about The Edge’s planet of origin.

  2. You managed to turn at least one poor lost soul into a U2er.

(And you were so damn proud of that achievement that you almost put it in your resume.)

  1.  You know music can change the world, at least the world in you. And that’s a freakin blessing.

  2. The ultimate truth is that, It’s All About The … !

(I’ll leave that one open for your own appreciation.)

That’s it guys! Well, for now. I’m not sure I can resist really long before adding a few more points to that list. Anyways, hope you’ve enjoyed it (If not, remember it’s Monday) and that some of these stuffs reminded you of someone. In case you’ve missed it (or if you want to read it again because you’re not a morning person either) find another crazy batch in Part 1.

Have a nice week folks! Don’t worry, it’s almost Friday anyway…



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