You Know You’re a U2 fan – Part 1

12 February 2016

You know those listing things we see all over the internet these days? Like ’32 reasons that make you a coffee lover’, ’10 hints that you’re a total psycho’ … well, you see what I mean. I get bored easily and that’s probably why I love that kind of stupid articles. I came across one of those the other day that was about being a diehard fan – something like that, I don’t really paid attention – and turned out that some of these things were so damn true. However, it wasn’t really specific. You could apply most of those things to U2 fans but it lacked a bit of accuracy.

Rather than waiting for such list to surface and with the old “Don’t expect, suggest” saying in mind, I thought about giving it a shot. I could give you infinite reasons about being a U2 fan, hence the “Part 1” – I was actually too lazy to find the infinite symbol. I know that some of these things could apply to other bands as well, but I know you’ll get my point. U2 fans always get each others. So here’s my :


“19 things only U2 fans will get”

(Yes 19. Because. N-n-n-nineteen.)
  1. When someone tells you that “Bono is just being Bono”, you know exactly what that means.

  2. The Edge doesn’t mess up his chords, he reinvents new solos.

  3. You can tell if LMJ is regular grumpy or extra grumpy just by glancing at him.

(Let’s pause here for a second . Don’t start throwing bananas at me, i’m only kidding. I know, I know, some of you think that our favorite drummer boy is only the shy type, and that explains what could be perceived as grumpiness. I totally agree and that makes sense. I think that LMJ is one shy guy. And I also think he gets grumpy… Right, throw the bananas now.)

Just shy

  1. You’re fluent in Bongloese.

  2. Your friends/family/co-workers start sighing loudly and roll their eyes at you every time you mention U2.

  3. You’re so damn proud to say YES when someone you hardly know asks if you’re a U2 fan.

  4. You got into countless fights for that band. Even thought really really hard about throwing a few punches on their behalf.

(Not that has ever happened. Nope. Never – Maybe just a little one… Sorry. #NotSorry.)

  1. You had at least one lengthy conversation about Bono’s Hair. If you’re on Twitter, you actually probably had a conversation WITH Bono’s Hair.

  2. Whenever someone enters the room saying “It’s cold outside”, you can’t help but add “It gets so hot in here”.

(And then spend 5 minutes explaining it’s a U2 song because it got awkward for a second).

  1. You have at least one friend who has a crush on Brian Murphy.

(Or as I like to call him, The Murph. That guy is cool; he deserves a cool name too.)

  1. You shudder and slightly cringe every time you hear the word “Mullet”.

  2. You learnt the true meaning of patience over the years, and to always question the veracity of the word “soon”.

  3. You listen to U2’s music because they’re on tour. You listen to U2’s music because they’re not on tour.

  4. He might not be your favorite band member, but you can’t argue with the fact that Adam is the coolest of them all.

“Where’s the party, folks?” Sorry, but that’s pretty much unbeatable.

  1. Some of your collectibles are way older than you.

  2. You have that one song that started it all. You love it as much as you hate it, but it talks to you more than anything else you’ve ever been told.

  3. You’re almost as excited meeting the U2 crew as meeting the members of the band. You probably know half of them by name now because they are as much as rock stars to you as those four guys on stage.

  4. You don’t travel to Dublin. You go on a pilgrimage. Every single time.

  5.  It’s not always the easiest thing to be a U2 fan, but you never doubted for one second that you picked the right band. The best band in the world.


That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed it and recognized yourself in some of these stuffs. Feel free to send me any other suggestions you’d like to add to that list. As i said, there are infinite reasons to be a U2 fan – and that clearly implies a Part 2. Until then…

(Edit: Want more? Ha! Lucky fella (or not)- Here’s another round waiting for you on Part 2!)


18 February 2016



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