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27 January 2023

It’s Friday, I had too much coffee and the reinterpretation of With or Without you is out on all streaming platforms. That calls for an unedited, unfiltered, and not even over thought reaction post. A lot of questioning, a lot of thoughts, and definitely a lot of love.

I know I’ve said we could agree to disagree but after hearing the new WOWY – because it is a NEW wowy – sorry but nope. I don’t care. I’ll fight you. 

One listen in and the only question that should remain after hearing it is from an entirely different song : Are we ready to be swept off our feet ?


Oh yes. 

One thousand times yes. 


For this is… This is it guys. This is WOWY. Now and forever, encapsulated in such a perfect form I can’t even begin to explain it. 

This is WOWY and yet it’s not.

But it is. 

All the key elements of the songs are there. 

The build up is there. 

Even the freaking oh ohs are there. 

And yet it’s not the same song. 


What the actual fck are you doing to my brain you silly irish guys? 

I’m mad at you. I’m legit mad at you because it’s so good

My first reaction wasn’t even tears – oh lord, he’s so right there’s enough tears in this song anyway – it was literally SCREAMING.

Screaming at how good it is.

That’s quite the reaction isn’t it ?

So i’m mad at them – because it feels like they’ve been hiding away the real gem in the treasure that is that song forever. 


Is it the arrangement? 

Is it the key? 

Is it the voice?

Is it that unreal intimacy reaching from those notes? 


I have no freaking clue but there’s a feeling in it that wasn’t there before. 

I had that same feeling when hearing Pride, something different, not just in the sound of it but in the emotion it carries. 


Is it … joy? 

Is it… acceptance? 



Or maybe it’s just confidence that comes from knowing that you can turn something that became so ordinary along the years into extraordinary again. 


Something inspiring. 

Something empowering. 



I don’t know what’s happening here, all I know is that my heart is filled with pride and my head in the clouds. It’s just a whole lot of love to get from a band that already gave you all. That sensation you’re left with after hearing this new WOWY should be enough to make everyone curious about this album, because U2 brought us such an extended panel of emotions over the years, and yet – they never made me feel like this before. 


Edge is right. 

If you don’t get this one, you’re just not trying hard enough.


Look for that something, look for that feeling – the one that will leave you with a smile on your face and the awe of a full heart. 

Look for the love they brought back into one of their best songs ever. 

It’s a blinding one, and damn, it’s freaking beautiful.



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