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10 May 2022

It’s Bono’s birthday and my gift to the man this year is to finally shut up – for a few.




I never said a thing about everyone else though.

This one is all on you #U2Fam ! Thanks for the help.

Happy Birthday Bono! 

NB : If you want me to add yours,…


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Just for one day

8 May 2022

‘We can be Heroes
Just for one day’
You know what I love best about this band? The fact that they never let you down. 
We live in a world where words are often just words and any calls to action drop more often into oblivion than it ever materializes into something…


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Coffee Thoughts

There was a rock singer called Bono

3 April 2022

‘Roses are red 
Violets are blue
But bono will always
rock more than you’
I’m doing this wrong aren’t I?
Well to be honest I don’t even know what a limerick is so eh, points for effort.
Fine fine, I won’t dwell in ignorance any longer. 

Hmm. Hmm hmm. 
Oh well, I’m sure there will be…


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Community Ristretto

Love and peace or else.

12 March 2022

I should be writing some nice thoughts and things about our favourite bassist right now in anticipation of his birthday but my mind keeps bringing me back to stupid reality. 
It sucks. It really sucks because I miss Adam. I’ve really missed him a lot these past few days. His…


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Expresso Music

Monday Motivation

7 March 2022

Happy Monday guys. 
It’s been a little while since I posted but I got busy refreshing U2’s feed waiting for some acknowledgement of POP 25th. Spoiler alert, always a waste of time. 
Ouch. The burn. 
Apologies, I get cranky sometimes – mostly Mondays – when I experience lack of coffee – and…

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Music lover, helpless dreamer, bit of a nutter. I like to think that the world would be a better place to live in if people smiled up a bit more often. Forever stuck in the intro of 'Streets', I keep bouncing through life and try to escape a boring reality using my very own sense of silliness. Some people think I’m crazy, and thank god they’re right. But the truth is that in the end, I’m just a U2 fan who drinks too much coffee

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  • U2 2014 MTV EMAs - the gift that keeps on giving. Those pics are absolutely gorgeous 👀🖤 #U2 #U2pics

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  • Not getting rid of me just yet #U2Fam! What did I miss? 😁 #U2 #U2gifs

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  • Sorry for lack of tweets guys - or maybe you're well happy about it 🤔🥲 - anyways. Covid is kicking my arse big time…

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