Rumors, rumors…

26 February 2016

There I was trying to get a well-deserved post coffee power nap but after turning my pillow for the 157 time, I realized I couldn’t sleep. And it had nothing to do with the caffeine trust me (I’m pretty much immune to its effect sadly) – but rather with some news I read during lunch. Well, it wasn’t actual news, more something like: Rumors. Oh, sweet rumors… Just one word is enough to mess with your brain. And that word is “U2”. I’m not really the gossiping type, but I have to admit that U2 rumors are really good at turning any fans into an overthinking machine. They get even more at you if:

  1. You’re starting to seriously need some news from the band. SOE, Tour, new awesome hair color. ANYTHING.
  2. The source is slightly more reliable than the usual crap.
  3. It doesn’t mentions unicorns.

When all these elements are combined, it feels like finding a treasure map that doesn’t smell like pirates’ piss. The sun shines brighter, all the birds outside shut the hell up (Spring… Uff) and you can almost hear the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard – Oh wait, that’s just my headphones blaring the Miracle, sorry about that. Then you realize that this ONE could be interesting. What a feeling. I’m not sure I can explain this with actual words, but I basically look like this every single time:


Is it true? Should I believe it? Or not… OMG. I think i’m having a fit.


Minus the hair of course. Even though my hair is seriously starting to look like a baby version of Bono’s mullet. Gosh, come on paycheck! I need a haircut. (You probably don’t care about any of that, do you? Yeah… Sorry, just thinking out loud)

And that’s pretty much what happened today when I read about those rumors on our good old world wide wor… web. And what a blessed day! It was about both SOE and the next tour (*intense wooooing inside*). I had to get an extra coffee to write about it, so here’s my thoughts – not that it interests you but eh. For the record, I kinda warned you in my very first post that this blog won’t be about news or anything serious – merely reactions to them as a U2 fan.

I’ve been told that there were some « movement » down at Hanover Quay and the new rumor of the day is that the guys are back in Dublin to finish the new album. As often, rumors are all about connecting dots. And these two pretty much feel like kindergarten level really. However, I’m not completely convinced. It’s not like the guys have been using those studios that much in recent years – at least to record tunes, no idea about the rest (and I’m not sure I really want to know to be honest). We know from recent news that half the band (The L1?) seems to be in good old Dublin Town, as for the others… Well, who knows? Our best clues always come from the pics they post on Instagram and they’ve been pretty quiet this week… Oh Oh, see? Another dot popping up on the rumor map.

Even so, we can talk about it and theorize all we want, but in the end it doesn’t change the fact that we know squat. Meh. All we have left is to pray really really hard the Holy U2 Spirit that some of it is true, and we’ll just have to grin and bear it.

The other rumor of the moment is about the next tour/leg. And it’s not really a new one… I think that seconds after stepping out of the GA floor for that last Paris show, I read something about it. Or was it even before then? Gosh, we’re so damn good at anticipating our needs: trying to guess when the next tour will come when the current one is still going. Anyways, it always feels like someone just dropped a big revelation. People go crazy because that’s what we do. But when you calm down, you realize that end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 is pretty much the same… unless your life dream is to see the guys performing in a Santa onesie (eh, what can I say? Weirdos in every corner of the Earth even though it’s round).

I’m not too worried about that one really. I know it will come soon enough (probably before I save enough money for my U2 fund – Fuck.) Not because of the rumors but because there’s this new album on the way. The idea that the guys won’t go on tour in the next year or so is quite laughable really. No for real. Can you imagine? “Album out! Wooooo! Ok let’s just sit flat on our asses for a couple of years now, so everyone has time to forget about it… and then, BOOM! Surprise! Ha!” (… Don’t even dare think about it.)

“Ready guys? Let’s go! – Sit back Edge, let’s chill a bit longer…”

I guess that all we have left to do for now is focus on the fact that we’ll get a new awesome album sometimes, and that they will definitely tour someday. See? Rumors are rumors, but I always speak the truth.

In the meantime, enjoy your free time because you know that touring is exhausting – yes, for fans too! – Save money for your U2 fund, watch out for the unicorns and drink loads of coffee! Go light up a little candle at your U2 shrine (not that I have one of those… I don’t! I swear!), and if you believe that rumors can be a guiding light, well. Don’t let it go out!



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