Do you believe in Larry Mullen Jr ?

31 October 2021

Dear Larry. 


Larry, Larry, Larry…. Please don’t be summoned by this.

Or maybe be.

Whatever suits you best. 

So, I’ve recently realised that you never got a coffee-induced birthday post on this silly little blog. And you’re probably more than pleased with that. Ha again. Please know that it’s not in any case because I have less things to say about you, or that I love you less than these 3 other lads. It’s probably just that every u2 fan knows how you hate being bothered, and let’s be frank, I’m nothing but a massive bother-er (that’s Frenglish for pain in the arse). 

But I only mean good I promise. And it’s your big 6-0 isn’t it?

So maybe it’s time.

Woosh. That’s a bit scary. 

I can’t say a lot of shit about you. I can’t make silly little gifs compilation about you. I can’t be my usual tightrope walker on that thin line between respect and disrespect with you, because what if I lose balance? I mean it happens sometimes, we’re all humans.

I know that I overstep the line on certain occasions – not looking at any frontman in particular, but I think (hope) that one has enough ego to not mind it too much. 

Truth is Larry, I can’t risk losing my balance with you. I don’t want to risk losing my balance with you. And that’s the moment when whoever is not hitting drums for this band should probably look the other way – I don’t want to take any chances simply because you’re the one that impresses me the most, and therefore the one I respect the most. 

(put those drumsticks down Bono.) 


I often (always) joke (kinda) that I’m pretty scared of you because eh, I say a lot of stupid stuff and you hit things for a living. And honestly I have enough history of drummers flinging their sticks at me to be legit worried. 

And part of that is true. I am mighty scared of you, but good scared, for the unique reason that you’re you. 

You’re Larry Mullen Jr. 

You’re one of the most amazing drummers of your generation. I’m in complete awe everytime I hear you play, because you never fail. Ever – that’s a bit mental honestly. 

You’re the heartbeat of Innocence and Experience alright. But you’re not just that, you’re most definitely the heartbeat of all our lives and I have scientific fact to back this up – whenever we hear those beats of yours, our blood pressure just goes up through the roof as fast as you hit those drums. And that’s very fast. Like. No matter how much slow motion I add to those GIFs of yours (I know. I’m so sorry about those), it’s still unrealistically fast. We all babble about Edge being from another planet, but are you even human? Ha. 

You might not be a man of many words but you’re kind and sweet. And you care. I know you do. Like a lot. Thanks for always watching out for us. 

You’re probably the most invisible rockstar of all time and I don’t mean it as a bad thing, we miss you when you’re not around of course, but you’re freaking brilliant at that I’ve got to say. I’m actually so glad for you that you managed to draw that line and that it works. Enjoy your privacy, Larry. You all should be able to have that honestly. You give us enough of yourselves already. 

You seem to be the most amazing friend, and it’s always a very comforting thought to know that these other 3 guys have a Larry around. You bring a sense of support and safety, but arse kicking when needed too. I think we all could use having a Larry around in our lives honestly.

You are freaking hilarious. And I’m so sorry so many people seem to miss that. You’re witty and quick on your feet and you make me roar with laughter more often than not. And eh… you do say a lot of shit too sometimes. And I love you for that.

Sometimes I wonder if you’re not a professional tightrope walker yourself…

… I can see you smirk from here, you know. Eh, all good. I won’t tell anyone, promise. 

And of course…. I won’t be talking about your looks because again, that’s a thin line to balance on, but you’re well aware of those I guess – and if you’re not I can send the right people your way to make you blush til the end of days. And probably a bit more. 


You’re the man who started it all. 

You’re the man who changed my life for the better. 

You’re the man I owe so damn much. 


You’re Larry Mullen Jr. 



Good scary. 

But the scariest part of all I guess is that you make me feel like… me. The actual me. 

I’m not talking about that crazy exuberant fan shouting around her love for that band of yours and making borderline jokes all day long – who is also me but you know the feeling. You’re loud, so loud, but the moment people start actually looking at you, you feel like disappearing as fast as possible. 

You hide behind the drum kit, I hide behind that mask called blunt honesty. Ha. Details. 

I’m talking about that part of me that you, and only you funnily enough, shine a light on in this whole madness that is being a U2 fan. You bring forward that shy introverted girl that won’t even look a stranger in the eye when muttering hello. And it’s prob that one who’s writing these words right now. 

Maybe, already too many words for your liking but I hope they will somehow translate my gratitude and my admiration for you. Because whether you want it or not man, you freaking rock our whole world. 

Happy birthday Larry. Wishing you all the best and hoping you’ll have a great time with your loved ones. 
Much love, and… I’ll always believe in you x

PS : I’m so sorry you had to suffer seeing those guys’ butts on stage all your life. If you need a day off, give me a call.




I was so close.



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