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28 October 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these reaction post really. One that I don’t plan. One that I don’t even think about. One I just need to write to get it out of my system.

Why ? Because it’s often a lot of shit. That one prob isn’t much different. Meh. Still doing it.




You should know by now. 


A simple question – that we’ve all answered a million times to freaking Eric Alper – and yet. Yet it felt different today. 

A simple question but an incredibly hard one to answer. 

We all know the answer obviously. We all know the song, the songs, that saved us. And yet saying it out loud, writing it, shouting it into the vast void of social media is so… intimate. Like a truth you’re afraid to even whisper in case it becomes… real? 

It was always real. At least in your mind. You know that. 

But answering that question publicly, to that account with your heroes’ name on it – it makes it more than real, it makes it true. 

Ha. Making us face our own truths on a Thursday afternoon. Freaking Irishes. 


I truly was shaken by that tweet seriously. I just froze, staring blankly at the screen of my damn phone, not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I knew exactly what to say. And for a few seconds it terrified me. Looking that truth right in the eyes terrified me.

Isn’t it crazy the power music has on us? Isn’t it crazy how much we owe it? I’m not talking memories, I’m not talking feelings, I’m talking us. You. Me. Our life? Isn’t that freakingly insane when you think about it? 

You need air to breathe. 

You need water to survive. 

You need others to make it through. 

And I guess I’m part of the people that need, like actually need, music, to live. To be alive. To feel alive. 

… Ha.

We’re a freaking crazy little species. A freakingly brilliant crazy little species. 

‘Don’t fear the world it isn’t there’ 




By hitting that button, it sent me back to those moments when those songs were the last resort. Some of us probably took that damn question a bit too literally, but that’s only because it was. Those songs saved me. My life, my soul, my sanity. Whatever, pick one. Are we crazy? Maybe. Probably. Crazy in love with that sound. Guilty as charged. 

And like a guitar at the speed of light. It brought me down. So down. So fast. It wasn’t just my mind spiraling down. It wasn’t a fall. It was a crash head first onto the ground. Boom. There. Hurt now. 

For real, I wasn’t ready for that. I wasn’t expecting that. That flow of emotions was violent and honestly, scary as hell. 

But it didn’t last. It didn’t last long enough to actually harm. Like a seemingly massive wave coming at you on the beach and turning into a thin mist by the time it hits your face.

Because when looking back to these fixed moment in time we all carry on forever, there was the path. The journey. The distance. And you’re forced to contemplate it. You’re forced to see how far it all seems now. And you’re forced to see everything you’ve achieved since then. 

And eventually, you realise where you’re standing. You realise that you’re standing. Rebooted. And then, comes peace. 

And you smile. You just stupidly smile because you realise that you never learn, and you just got caught up on yet another emotional roller-coaster. 

They break you. They rip open that heart of yours. And when you hit that point when you’re just emotionally drained. That’s when they just fill that broken heart with love and joy. If there is a light… maybe, just maybe, it was a simple reminder that the light can come from within too. You just have to flick on that damn switch. 

I’m just saying a lot of shit again aren’t I? 


Am I crazy? 

‘Do you know your heart has its own mind?’



‘Do you know your heart has its own mind?’ 



‘Do you know your heart has its own mind?’ 


Or maybe it’s just being a U2 fan. 

‘Do you know your heart has its own mind?’ 


Sush Bono. Let me enjoy that feeling now. 


Timeline cleanse. 

Soul cleanse. 

One freaking tweet. 


Damn they’re good. 



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