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2 November 2021


Maybe I had just stopped making reactions posts because there wasn’t much to react to… Or I’m drinking too much coffee again. 


Not Sorry.

Do I really need to make a post about U2 joining Tiktok? 

*looks around the Internet * 

I really need to make a post about U2 joining Tiktok. 

Yesterday, U2 announced their brand new Tiktok account, and for some reason even The Edge doesn’t understand, it spurred more reaction online than the other thing. You know that thing we’ve all been waiting for… 27 years? (again. Pandemic time is weird). Ha, come on, you know, the new song thing. 

We’re getting a new song guys. WE’RE GETTING A NEW SONG GUYS. 

Brain. Co-operate. Please. 



Back to the point. 


The Tiktok – I know, it makes me giggle to think they might call it the Tiktok. Don’t mind me. 

So the Tiktok – seriously, it doesn’t get old – announcement did its job somehow, launching the whole community into overdrive mode. Eh. At least we’re talking about them. That is never bad. 

If someone is monitoring the negative / positive impact of that news, I am not too sure they’re very happy about the results though. 


U2 fans. 

We’re pains in their Irish arses for sure. 

Thankfully on my side, it brought yet another good laugh about my lack of self esteem when it comes to that band. 

Me ranting at my man for the last 2 years :

‘For God’s sake, get off that damn Tiktok, you’re such a child. Shame.. Shame!’ 

My man at me last night :

‘U2 is on Tiktok.’ 

*side eye*

*more side eye*

*evil grin*

‘… Shame, child’ 

*laughing at my face for the last 16 hours*

Ha. Thanks U2 for always helping me achieve those couple goals. 

(I’m not a child) 

(Yeah I am) 

(And weak) 


Anyways. What about them then? The band. That was a big step to take all in all. 

Are they sure about it? Maybe. Maybe not. The announcement went a bit like ‘Hey U2 fans, ahem, we’re on Tiktok now… BUT EH LOOK HERE’S A NEW SONG, ABOUT SAVING YOUR LIFE!‘ 

(and a Bono doodle. Come on. He knows how easily distracted we get by those.) 

…. We’re not 3 weeks old rabbits guys – fools. I’m being too French again. 


It’s SOI all over again – except no-one can blame them for it this time. 

It’s Santa bringing you a song. It’s trying to get that song to be heard. 

Because yes it’s a song for Sing2, but it’s still a U2 song. And I can hear in Bono’s voice on that 10 second trailer that it’s a meaningful one. 



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par U2 (@u2)


So !

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how Tiktok is that shit platform used for evil. And I mean.. 

Of course it is. 

But so is Facebook. 

So is Instagram. 

So is Twitter. 

So is the damn Internet in general. 

It’s an easily accessible international platform where people get to be the worst of humanity well hidden behind their screen. Always have been. And if you don’t know that by now… are you even online? Or has it become too familiar maybe? Let me use simple examples then, that every U2 fan will get. 

Comment sections. 




Rings a bell? 

So of course there’s much worse out there, but there’s also good. 

The World Wide Web is definitely the worst of humanity, but it can be the best too. 

Socials, blogs, boards, news, organisations…

The media isn’t the problem. People are. And how people use those medias one way or another is the only difference between worst and best. That and of course that little thing called money, but again that’s just yet another people’s problem. And don’t be fooled now. Half the vids (or more) that you see on those other social media sites are Tiktok vids anyway. 

Ask yourself the right things guys. It’s all there in the song with that same name. 

‘We thought that we have the answers

It was the questions we had wrong’ 

So instead of yelling into the void WHY Ô WHY (are they using Tiktok) – tad dramatic guys. 

Ask yourself why they are using Tiktok? – lower tone, no screaming, legit question. 

Or you know, ask yourself that other legit stuff. 


– What kind of content are we gonna get if they’re using this platform? 

– How are they going to use that tech for the AB anniversary? 

– Is that new song a glimpse of U2’s new direction for further work? – because it sounds very U2 alright but that melody.. That construction is different. I’m definitely curious now. 

– Will they use Tiktok only in a very PR way or will we get more chin’s vids thanks to it? 

– Could we get LIVE CONTENT AGAIN?!

– Will Adam host an art show on Tiktok? 

– Will we finally learn how the hell Bono had 4 children after wearing those tight – Ô SO TIGHT (see, dramatic effect works here) – leather pants for decades? 


Ha. See. Important questions. 




Truth is guys, I think the answer to your desperate cry of Innocence is pretty simple. 

I believe that U2 is joining Tiktok for the right reasons. I really think they’re just trying to reach a new audience and be a bit louder in that whole cacophony the world is these days. 

And I also think that’s a good thing. It means they still give enough fck about it all, they still care enough to want to reach a new audience. Does that mean they don’t care about us, older fans ? I think not. Because who else is going to lose their shit at unreleased bits from 30 years ago? Not 14yo Kevin that’s for sure. 

Ha, come on, they love us. You know they love us. They just want more of us and we can’t be mad at them for that. It’s not like it ever was an exclusive relationship anyway, they’re entitled to see other people. Let them fool around with the young ones, they won’t forget about our old arses that easily. 

So. Don’t fear the big bad platform, inform yourselves. It’s none of their responsibilities what you will do with that new app on your phone. So be good, choose good, try to be good. That’s all we can do. 

And ultimately, just do what the hell you want. 

They proved yesterday that they will post everywhere anyway – proof all over this post. (I know. Smartarse.)

And if they don’t, that’s fine, there’s enough of us crazies to do that for them and spread the content. Plus, you don’t need a Tiktok account to access the content… Just sayin’.

@u2 U2 now on TikTok. And new track #YourSongSavedMyLife from @Sing out Nov 3rd. #BonosDrawings #Sing2 ♬ Your Song Saved My Life – From Sing 2 – U2


So let’s sum this up :

You don’t want to install Tiktok?


You don’t really give a fck about installing Tiktok?

Keep not giving a fck. 

You secretly already downloaded the app and really want to see what it’s about?

Do it. I won’t tell. I won’t judge – add me maybe! 


It’s the Internet U2 Fam. Use your brain and you will be fine. That’s valid advice for everything else by the way. 

And see Tiktok has its perks. You could have swiped me up by now. 

Love and peace or social media. Or both. Both is good sometimes. 



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