30 August 2017



OK. Inner poise. Calming down. All is well. Breath in. Breath out. It’s gonna be okay. [stop shaking ffs]


Good morning U2 world! It’s been a while (again)! No time to write, hardly time to tweet (140 characters unattainable goal) but eh, good reasons. Summer is busier than usual and the lack of U2 and coffee is mostly due to :

. Holidays

. Kids

. Kids

. Gallstones

. Dying (feels like)

. Kids

Sorry. #notSorry (or at least I can’t really do otherwise)

Loads have been happening in the U2 sphere since last time I wrote a piece, and at the rate I’m currently posting, it would take me around 7 years and 3 months to cover it all. Ha. Ha… Let’s skip forward, shall we?

Yesterday was a weird day. Completely off hook for a while. Saw glimpses of emails and blacked out letters. Something about a new single. Well a new pre single release (whatever that means. I’ll gladly embrace anything you can give me dear Irish men) and thanks to a good streak of luck, it was supposed to be released on the day I was finally able to look down at my phone! Ha!

And the long wait started… When? Where? When? If? Oh come on for fuck sake release the damn thing already! You know that feeling when you’re  stuck between is it a real thing? Or just a cruel rumor? Oh tormenting times…

And nothing happened. Nooooothing. Like a snail caught on mud, the day wouldn’t end and with it our hopes. I was starting to wonder if the blackout had blacked out or if we would have to wait til the next eclipse to get that single – quite coherent with Edge’s usual deadlines – and then, when dusk turned into pitch black darkness, a tiny hopeful speck of light started to illuminate the room (no magical fairy guys, just my notifications beeping).




Oh damn they’re good. Toying with us all day long. Teasing the fuck out social medias. Just to finally take away all our frustration (desperation) with… A 15 seconds teaser vid. Ha. Hahahaha. Omg. I don’t know if we should laugh or cry. Damn. They’re good.

So today’s the day. We have a definite date and time for that sweet encounter with our old friends and their new song. 15 seconds were enough to get me hooked. I’m ready to have my mind blown once again.

Hell… It’s gonna be a long day again.

(Ugly no editing post because phone. Because tired. Mostly because phone.) 



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