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The boys are back in town!

24 July 2017

Written with shaking hands on a stubborn phone – Fuck you auto-correct. No fancy editing today. Just fresh memories. Sorry for the gazillion typos that may follow.

Dedicated to all the people I saw this weekend and love so much, too many to name but you know who you are, especially to my dear poptarts. And of course, to those four Irish men who changed my life forever…

The boys are back in town, and I have no words.

I can’t find any words strong enough to describe it – in either languages if that matters. But I have to try. I have to try because those last few days were too good to let them slip into some kind of oblivion, and I have to let the words flow from my still ripped open heart and soul before it fades away into a mere memory.

Some people doubt that there’s still magic in this world. But for me, magic has always been here. Hiding underneath those three chords. And I felt it pulsing through my core even more than ever. Where to start… Where is the beginning of that feeling.. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start from the end then, and try to retrace my steps in that blinding light of love and joy.

I always experience some sort of post gig depression after a U2 show. You know what I mean. You’re probably right there yourself if you were in Dublin. But funnily enough, not this time. No. Nothing. Not an ounce of sadness. I’m not sure why but I can only guess. It’s probably because it was perfect.

These last few days were everything I ever wanted them to be. I couldn’t have wished for more. It was joy in its purest form. And now that I’m away, it’s the only thing that remains. Why would I be sad? How could I possibly feel bad after such times?

Perfection is biased and that’s probably why it’s so hard to describe. But for me this weekend did it. It was so perfect with its tiny imperfections that I wouldn’t change it for the world. Give me more shows, more rail, more fuckin backstage access even… Still nope. I won’t trade one second of those glorious moments for a single thing – even for a Bono hug and that says it all. And you know why? Because I’m happy. I’m so fuckingly happy it happened. And I don’t need anything else than that.

I love that saying that goes “Happiness only real when shared” and I think that’s what made all the difference for me.

The main reason I chose Dublin for my unique show this tour, as you already know, was because of the number of beautiful people heading there. Now. I’m not the bragging type but holy bananas that was one hell of a genius strike. I met so many different people in that dirty old town. Some I knew, some I didn’t, some I loved beyond measure already. New friends, old friends… But isn’t it always the case? Of course it is. I’m not sure I can pinpoint what was the difference this time but it was.

Once upon a time, four Irish guys started playing music and their tunes built those magic bridges all across the world to bring people closer. What they maybe didn’t expected was how they also built bridges between our hearts… HA. Something like that… Yeah.

I didn’t join a bunch of friends. I joined my family. The one I chose. The one who’s always there in sadness and joy. The one who gets it. Completely gets this whole joyful madness we call being a U2 fan. What a freaking blessing to have these people in my life.

It was never just about music eh? But the memories attached to it. And what’s better than hear the laughs and see the smiles of those you hold dear when you switch on your mp3 player? Ha. You can try to find the answer because I’m not even looking for it.

Love is like a warm blanket in the night. And even though the wind grew cold these last days, I was never shivering, at least not from the temperature dropping. I love you all my #U2Fam. So fucking much.

Do you feel that intensity? Yeah? Well, I haven’t even started talking about the gig. Maybe you’re starting to understand how sadness can’t take hold of me this time.

Almost show time. And here I am craning my neck to look up at the screen and the sky beyond. Few drops of rain on my face just to remind me this is not a dream. There I am. Dublin. Croke Park. 30 years after The Joshua tree first rooted here. You know how they say ‘Hold onto your dreams because they might just come true?’. Yes. Yes and yes. So much yes at this.

There’s no better description available in my book. I gladly took that time traveling shuttle and watched my dream come true. I forgot to leave a note to the 2 year old me about what a great time she’ll have 30 years later but eh, I’ll let her figure it out and anyway she can’t even read yet.

And then there was silence…

And the drums started.

All of a sudden, the whole crowd was flying up in the sky, far above the ground, to a place with no name but I guess that’s what people might call heaven. The boys didn’t play Croke Park. They took us up in a journey through the stars and beyond. Lifting us up from ordinary life and giving us the extraordinary. The gift of a lifetime.

What a show. What. A. Show. Music flowing through my soul. Raw emotions gnawing at me. Tears of sadness, tears of joy.. Oh God, so much tears. I always get very emotional when it comes to U2 but I’m not sure I ever cried so much at a gig before… And I’m not talking about some dampness and a few tears dropping on your face. I’m talking about proper sobbing, snot running and all – ew Jo! – and sniffling all throughout the gig.

Fuckin hell U2. I hardly survived that gig. Literally! I had to struggle my way out of the pit after vertigo. Body aching, suffocating, but couldn’t stop bouncing to those last songs. Beautiful day, Elevation AND Vertigo guys?! Are you freakin insane?! It almost killed me! Oh well, too much isn’t enough right?

All ended well, collapsed on the borders of the GA and cried my eyes out as One rang through the steamy air, summing up that feeling running through me, like 80K people cradling me into their comforting arms, and a thousands lights guiding my way… Like it was supposed to be. Like a U2 show will always be.

Carry each other because the love you experience is too heavy for one’s shoulder.

It was my only show this tour, and I’m glad it was that one. Its uniqueness made it extra special. A second one could have been fun just so I could witness that screen better from a distance but Ha…

More shows will come my way, and I know I’ll get to do it all over again but there’s one thing for sure, I’ll never ever forget the one time I saw The Joshua Tree tour in Croke Park. I’ll hold and cherish this memory for the rest of my life. And it will always – ALWAYS – bring a smile to my face. Never any glimpse of regret or sadness. Ever.

They did it again peeps. They worked their magic beyond understanding. Once more, that band gave us the best days of our lives. And it will come again, another time, another place, I will follow…

But for now it’s time to rest for me… And I gladly embrace it. You know what causes post tour depression? The feeling we’re living in a dream for a few days, an escape from reality and then the harsh fall back to it. But my friends, this was no dream. This was as real as it gets.

Enjoy the tour #U2Fam, I’ll go back pushing that stroller before baby girl wakes up…

Until next time x

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