Bring Back ASOH !

27 May 2017

‘And you know it’s time to go…’ NOT! 

I know I teased you with some subjects for further articles but I have an emergency to deal with first. Something that has to do with a certain band, and a certain decision… Beware of incoming scratchs.

Dear U2, you know we love you so darn much that we’re ready to sleep on the GA floor just to hear you play eenie meenie miney mo, but let’s be serious for one second. WHAT THE ACTUAL FLUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU BLOODY IRISH?!

If you’ve been following a tad bit – even from a long distance – what’s been happening in terms of setlist this tour, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I gave them the benefit of a doubt but it’s starting to worry my ass off at light speed. WHERE THE FUCK IS ASOH?!

Oh how our hearts exploded with joy when we first saw it on the setlist, the return of one of these songs that means sooooooo much for the U2 fandom. I pinched myself over and over again – still bruising in case you’re wondering – but it wasn’t a dream, the guys were FINALLY playing one of the top #U2Request songs, A Sort Of Homecoming was back live.

Oh the joy, oh the thrill, Ooooooh my fuckin god the eargasms it brought! And yet… An unimaginable thing was to happen a few shows on. They dropped it. They fuckin dropped it.

Of course our first reaction was complete denial. Maybe it was just some rearrangement in the setlist.. Maybe it was an issue of curfew and a shorter set – for your information my dear U2, first that wasn’t the song to kick out and second fuck off it’s definitely well worth a tiny fine.

Doubtfully, we started counting. LA… Houston… Dallas… but nope, still no ASOH around. Oh com-away, I say, o com-away…. *hysteric sobbing*

*Sniffles, sniffles*

Tell me then.

Have we been bad fans?

Have we done something wrong?

Has it something to do with a bad singalong? (Please The Edge, you’re the geek master, just tune in online and you’ll see the proportion of that singalong)

Why have you done that to us?!

Just tell me, WHY?!

It’s like giving us water in the freakin Joshua tree desert, let it shimmer in front of our eyes, few drops to our thirsty lips and …Oops, nope. Sorry but you’re not having any. Not cool U2, not cool at all…

Well. Crap. Someone knows how to drain a cactus?

So now, please hear us out, that’s a desperate cry from the bottom of all our hearts.


(except Bad, please don’t take Bad too or I’ll switch my ticket for the Coldplay tour) 

With love (always *sigh*),

Every U2 fan in the world.

PS: of course I’m not serious about Coldplay, but desperate measures… 

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