Ristretto !

20 May 2017

Short notice to introduce a new blog entry format I just made up in my silly mind! Ristrettos articles!

Ha! What the hell am I talking about? Well, you now well know my coffee analogies determining the length of a post, right? No? Expresso, coffee thoughts? Still not? Have I failed that bad with this blog?!

Let me remind you then. Coffee thoughts are looooong (boring) posts, expressos slightly shorter ones and now then, ristrettos!!

For the record that’s a ristretto coffee:

Or maybe just about every coffee in Italy…

Short. Very short. Basically One gulp of caffeinate nonsense.

My whole point being that due to lack of time, it’s becoming increasingly hard to sit down my butt for 5 min and write a post… Actually it takes me way more than 5 minutes and that’s the very core of the problem. In order to post a bit more regularly, I’m adding this new category.

With everything going on, I need to drain that U2 frenzy from my blood and even though the whole display of Haaaaaa! Woooooooooo! shit I tweet all day tend to relieve the pressure, I can’t stand anymore to throw in my mental waste bin dozens of stupid ideas I could write about.

I could very well do that on social medias but I’m not a big fan of novel tweeting – when it takes you more than 10 tweets to get to the point – and I’d have to actually connect to my Facebook account once in a while – still my nemesis.

I’ll still be writing big ass long boring articles of course whenever I’m granted with the holy miracle of free time.

So more posts, more often! You can Yaaaaay or run for cover but at least you’ve been warned! Hopefully I won’t have to start every goddamned entries by reminding you I’m still alive.

Damn. That’s a pretty long ristretto I’m serving you. I should move to the next one because we really need to stop and talk about Exit for a sec, or maybe the whole Bono’s stripper pole…

See you soon (hopefully)! Keep coffee-ing meanwhile!


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