The Best Thing

21 August 2016


(For what’s worth, I’m typing all this on a stupid phone which keeps auto correcting everything back to French. And the over excitement running down my shaking fingers is not helping. No fancy formatting or nice pictures today. Just blunt text.)

HOLY FRACKIN HELL U2 ! HOLY.. Wait, I have to stop here or it’s all I’ll be writing in this article. Someone recently told me that the ratio of swearing around the U2 Fam has considerably dropped since I signed off… Well guess what?! HOLY FUCKIN HELL GUYS! For real! HAAA!

Fine, I’m not making any sense am I? Let me try to sort my feelings out for a sec.

So. Deep breath. Coffee round 2. Let’s do it. Simple.

New. U2. (fuckin). Song.

Yes. You read that right. It’s Sunday morning and we got a brand new U2 song – I’m still swearing like hell if you wonder. Where the fuck did that come from ?! I mean. It’s Sunday ! Nothing EVER happens on Sunday ! It’s usually boring land on Twitter and the only posts you can read about are the good old church goers promising to pray for our lost souls. Damn.. Feels like I got punched or something. Surprise world ! They got us big time again. Sure wasn’t expecting that, and it gets worse.

Imagine that for a second. Your eyes are still half open and your only goal is to not spill that coffee you’re pouring while reading your twitter feed. And BOOM U2, new song, Norway, DJ.. What the actual fuck ? I mean the only thing missing was the mention of a freakin flying elephant at the gig to make it sound like one of those weird dreams one can have.

But no. It’s real. It’s fuckin real. And it’s here, out in the world. Wow. Big fuckin wow. I’m gonna need more than a zillion coffee to emerge from that state of bliss this morning.

As for the song, I won’t pronounce myself about it til I hear an actual clear version – Sorry Larry, someone was not clapping on time. But I have to admit that seeing all those little electro hands in the air, jumping up and down may have brought something in my eye. One but not the same eh ? We might not all be listening to the same kind of tunes and yet, those little ones were losing it on a U2 song. Faith in humanity restored this morning.

Plus, we’ve all been ranting so much about having POP back, and songs like discotheque that it kinda feels fitting to hear that new song from a DJ, isn’t it ?

I sure can’t wait to hear it properly.

The best thing. Fuck yes. No idea what you’re singing about yet Bono, but I can only agree with that title. You guys are the freakin best thing that happened to us today. And many other days.


(Note for later: edit that whole rambling crap when I get home)



Jo D

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