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There was a rock singer called Bono

3 April 2022

‘Roses are red 

Violets are blue

But bono will always

rock more than you’


I’m doing this wrong aren’t I?

Well to be honest I don’t even know what a limerick is so eh, points for effort.

Fine fine, I won’t dwell in ignorance any longer. 

Hmm. Hmm hmm. 

Oh well, I’m sure there will be plenty of you educating me on the subject after I post this thing – you love doing that.

Let’s get back to the main subject and what really matters – Bono.

Gosh he’d love that sentence. And before I spiral down as usual to the utter chaos that is my mind, I’d like to say congratulations, Bono, we are so proud of you. Like full on fan/mom/human heart bursting kind of pride. 

He was brilliant. 

His speech was brilliant. 

That moment in time and space was brilliant. 

It was indeed an invitation. And I know most of that speech was oriented to America. But you know the man, I know the man, and you just need to set up a filter in your head that changes America to Humanity and you can make it yours everytime – I know, not really, but I’m a child, I don’t like being left out. 

AMERICA. FINE. IF YOU SAY SO. Nevertheless, I’m not sure how he does that but somehow he always makes us feel like we belong – I’m so proud of him. I know. Again. 

I wasn’t planning on watching the livestream honestly – if I had a penny every time I wrote that lordy – being on the wrong side of the pond as usual, but eh, what can I say. I suffer from chronic U2 insomnia. Middle of the night, when the day begins and no guitar voodoo to keep me awake, no heavy drums to slap my face, not even any mixlr buffering to get me mad enough and drive the slumber away. I won’t lie, MLK was beautifully interpreted but also a big oh fuck me struggling moment. 

So yeah, not the usual setting and I knew that before I fell for it anyway. But there was a promise. 

A promise of him. 

Hear his words. See his smile.  

A promise of that big moment for him. How could I pass that? 

I stayed up because I missed my hero, and I don’t think I need any more reason than that.  

But you know the funniest part about this all is that I actually felt a lot of the usual highs I get from a live show. That anticipation. That chaotic chatter with other U2 fans in the dead of the night – apologies to all Fulbright Alumni on the YT chat, we’re a bit loud at times – and more than anything else, the joy. It felt like home and the very tall rockstar wasn’t even around yet – some of us don’t need flowers, Bono. 

I missed that. I needed that.

We needed that. That specific joy these guys carry around everywhere they go. Ha. Let me not get sentimental now, plenty of that coming up afterwards. 

But then he showed up. Nervous, we’ve been told. And it got worse. 

Nervous? Bono? Okay. 

Then he must be a ball of nerves – for the last time, I’m not calling him a ball – and nervous all the time because he was just as amazing as ever. 

I’ll even go as far as to say he was even more brilliant than usual honestly – or maybe that’s just because we just missed him dearly. 

But just in case he really was then, let me get this straight – More pressure, more brilliant? Ha. Always said that dude was a freaking diamond. I mean a gem, a very manly gem. But still, explains why all the girls want him. 

But how does that work then? How do you add more pressure on a man who’s trying to be perfect? – and doing a mighty fine job at that too. Maybe we could test the theory next tour. Bringing a sign at the rail saying ‘Oi Bono, I paid good money for this show you better be perfect’ and see if that makes him remember lyrics and all. 

Oh (I love you). Just kidding (You are as perfect as you can be). I wouldn’t do that (maybe). Don’t hate me Bono (Did I say I’m proud of you?). 

Oh wait, I forgot. You can’t. I’m really short. 

Media manipulation at its best. 

Ha. Enough with the silly. He took care of the shit jokes for once – and I mean that as a compliment. 

There’s one feel that caught me by surprise though. That feeling you get when you walk out of a U2 show, when the music stops – not talking about my bladder here – and you feel like you can do anything. That feeling of empowerment. That feeling that nothing is impossible, until it’s done. You know the one right? We all walk out of those venues like freaking rock stars because we’ve just been told and shown how it’s done. 

And that’s when I realised that even if there were no bells ringing, that speech was music to my ears. That speech was a song that needed to be sung. That speech was fucking rock n roll. I’m so proud of him, again (again). 

I kept re-watching Bono’s acceptance speech over and over again yesterday, and I’ll serve you the ol’ excuse of ‘me no English’, but nah… the truth is I just can’t get enough of it. And I’m not even talking about the man in suit – you looked good B, don’t worry. I’m talking about those words – you just sounded even better. 

I’m still getting emotional about it. Part of it being so happy for him, and AGAIN proud of him, because hell, that was a big deal. But also for all the overthinking it spurred. The good kind. The necessary kind. I won’t even mention Redemption song or this blog will never end.

Liberation. I like that word. That’s a great word. And an even better feeling. 

Liberation America (Humanity), what a freaking brilliant pep talk you were given. Sometimes we need a little inspiration, a kind protection, and sometimes we need some f bombs thrown at our faces and a good ol’ kick in the arse. And he did it all. Gosh, he did it all. An inspiring fucking kick in the arse to protect ourselves from ourselves. What a man. Ha. 

Because that’s what he does.

That’s what he always does. He inspires us. He challenges us. He allows us to dare hope. To dare dream. And of course, the international scene, blah blah blah, that’s meant to be this way, more blah blah blah. But when you think about it, he does that all the time. Even on our own very insignificant level. Being a U2 fan means you have a Bono in your life. And if you take off all the fancy words and context from that speech – I swear, I’m only 5,1 ft. No hate. Love vibes only – it’s pretty close to those fantasy talks with your favourite therapist. The one that lives in your head. Same protagonist. Oh please, you know the one, he sounds most often like that :

Ha. A much needed kick in the arse. A salvatory kick in the arse, America (Humanity). 

But I’ll get back to that in a moment, because first I need to say once more how proud of him I am – I’ll never stop, no need to eye roll me now. 

Bono’s speech was absolutely brilliant. And so many bits of it rang so true, if not all. A shaking truth. As music lovers, as citizens of the world, as humans. 

That one below filled me with indefinable joy for some reason. Probably because if there was ever any definition of where I come from – I haven’t hit that level of experience yet, I’m still struggling understanding how the hell I ended up here in the first place – it prob would be it. 

The noise. 

The signal. 

Rock n roll. 

Isn’t that how it all happened? You know that crazy little thing called being a U2 fan? 

He sure knocked me out of my bed, of my head, of my pan… – TMI – an incalculable number of times. 

Yeap. And there he is, that same brilliant man summing it all up in one damn sentence. Woosh. Put things in perspective, doesn’t it ? That tiny little thing that turned out to be everything. Makes you reconsider the whole ‘meh, can’t do much anyway’. I’ll never repeat this enough. Every. Little. Freaking. Helps. 

Rock n roll. Ha. Rock n roll. 

It always appeared to me as some kind of transcendence of sorts. That almost unbelievable ability to harness the pain into energy, to turn the rage into that freaking joyful noise ultimately. 

Music does that. 

Art does that. 

Humanity does that. 

It’s our natural way out to express it all. Let our deep feelings, soul, instincts speak for themselves. The ultimate perk of the human mind? Probably. 

Of course, some hear only the noise, and I guess a few of us, lucky little fuckers we are, get the signal too. And that’s when the magic occurs.

I love that joey ramone quote that goes ‘For me, punk is about real feelings. It’s not about, ‘Yeah, I am a punk and I’m angry. ‘ That’s a lot of crap. It’s about loving the things that really matter: passion, heart and soul.”

I’ll also add this one to justify all the crap you’re reading right now. Thanks Joey. 

And it is. Rock n roll, punk rock , that’s always been my favourite music genre because it’s… chaotic. Messy. Loud. Vibrant. A tad crazy. Sometimes a bit shit even. It’s life. It sounds like life. It feels like life – And it even smells like life depending on the company. So ultimately, yeah, a liberation. 

And it kicks arses. 

And that’s why Bono’s speech was so rock n roll. 

Because it kicked arse loud and clear (and here comes the ultimate pride).

It’s time to open your eyes, good people. 

Innocence is gone. 

Naivety is gone. 

No more choice guys, It’s time to grow up if we want to get old. 

And even for those who are not the lucky little fuckers we are signal and all, there is no way to avoid the noise these days. And that’s not exactly breaking news. It’s been going on for a long while now. I am not a big fan of politics but that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping an eye on that balance that seems to be weighted down more and more to the extremes of our so-called glorious civilisation. Macphisto came back for a reason and it was not only to give the little ones nightmares and clown phobia. 

It’s not the neighbours problem anymore, and honestly it never really was. If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t know what to tell you except stop pretending you don’t see it. Do something. Little things even. I said that already.

Was there a shift as Bono said in his speech? Probably. It’s not getting any better that’s for sure, but again, it must have been quite a while back because from my generation point of view, it’s always been a bit shit. 

That’s actually what drew me to that band in the first place. Sorry lads, but it wasn’t all for your good looks. It was that faith, that belief, that blinding hope it could get better. 

A lot of you think I’m a hopeless optimist, but that only appears that way because I’m reflecting their own light. Hell some of you even call me an utopist. Lads, if there ever was an utopia I’d live in it would be my sorry arse 24/7 at the rail of a U2 show with the first notes of Streets playing and an open leather shirt Bono. 

No. Not hopeless optimist. I’m a hopeful pessimist, which can be translated by : I know we’re fucking fucked as matty would state – what? I can be a Muse fan too. Edge played with them, that gives me a free pass – but maybe, just maybe, there can be light somewhere. I’ve lost my faith in humanity a long time ago, and that’s why I need that band now more than ever. Because I get to borrow theirs. They’re cool like that. 

So yeah. That speech was right on point. I truly needed to hear all that. Some stuff I knew, some stuff I pretended I didn’t. I needed the kick in the arse. 

Once again, Bono delivers. Inspires.

And utters all the important words. 

But there are none more important right now than this one : Ukraine

What can we do about it? All we can. Because we need another shift, and we need it now. And if we can’t face the reality of it all and grasp the consequences it will have on ALL of us then.. Well. We’re fucking fucked alright. 

Oh lordy.  I keep doing that, don’t I ?

Those damn blog posts never go as planned, or as advertised. Somehow, always a storm in a coffee cup. But you know what, I’ll take that as a gift – you can take that as a waste of your time – a gift from that man. Words of wisdom. Words of hope. Words of encouragement. I guess as long as it challenges you and makes you think it’s not really a bad thing is it? 

It’s not much. But it’s a little thing. Just one little blog. 

Fuck the noise. 

Welcome the kick, move your damn ass and do something about it America (Actually meant Humanity here, sorry about that.)

Just a few words from the man and yet see what it spurs?


I’m sure in much less caffeinated and much more smart people it can spur wonders. 



Little things that can turn into bigger ones. Like the Global Citizen initiative ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’

April 8th people.

Save the date.

Maybe it’s not much, maybe it’s everything. Time will tell. But in the meantime, dare to hope, and hit that RT button like there’s no tomorrow or even better, hit that RT button because you believe there can be a tomorrow. You want a tomorrow. No excuses accepted anymore. 

The beauty of the internet, even the introverts can be loud in a room full of people. All it takes is a click. So pass the word. RT. Share. Like. Take action.

Liberate at fucking last the humanity in you, I know it’s there somewhere, I’m sure you can find it hiding behind all your preconceptions and hardcore opinions. Everything you know is wrong and there’s nothing bad about that. Unlearn what you’ve been taught if you really want to grow up. 

Find your humanity and freaking unleash it. Spare some time shining a light on it.  Liberation as the good man told you. Be the signal in the noise. Raise your voice,  pass the word. 

Whatever you want, just freaking do it. All the little things you can. ALL THE LITTLE THINGS YOU CAN.

And maybe, just maybe, there can be light.

I’m so proud of him. 

Let’s be proud of ourselves too. 

Because I still believe, sometimes, that America Humanity


Full speech this way !
Support One 
and RED
More info about Stand Up For Ukraine here 


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