Happy B day

10 May 2021


I’m no writer, 

I’m just a girl who likes to put words on paper. 


I’m not sure why the words decided to come out this way today, 

Maybe it’s just a big day. 


A B day. 


A day I want to celebrate like I would for any other mate,

For being a music fan often means having a best friend you’ve never met. 


You don’t know me.

I don’t know you. 

But through the cracks of a broken heart it feels like sometimes I do. 


A voice that always keeps me company,

Through the brightest days, and those ones so dark

I can barely see.


A blinding light of a shade unknown

That you can just feel

Warming your heart and soul.

A sound letting you embrace what’s real 

Like an echo in the void reminding you that you’re not alone.


And when the world gets too noisy, and life a bit too much,

That voice brings me peace more often than not. 

Muffling those anxious thoughts down just enough 

To let me keep my head above water, 

For some days are harder to live than others. 


Only words for the many.

Just words for a few.

But for some, for us, it’s undoubtedly

Everything that we hold dear and true.


Words whispered in our ears,

Like a friend, a father, a mentor,

Tales of experience telling us that we can heal,

Bringing us that comfort all humans crave for. 


Maybe that has less to do with the man you are but more with what you inspire.

Or maybe that’s just what you want to let transpire. 

But when I read between the lines,

Then I can see what really shines,


And it’s a sense of humility.  


Granting us the freedom to reinvent your reality,

A pass to interpret your words that set us free. 


What was personal turns universal

And maybe that’s why you always catch us before we fall.

For I can hear your heart calling for this unity,

And that’s probably your best gift to humanity.


And it leaves no doubt about this question,

How could we not be friends? 

For music is a lifelong companion

And always a helping hand. 


I’ve lost count how many times those songs

Have brought me back on my feet,

Probably more than I did on my own

Yet less than I should have greeted.


But it’s okay to trip and lose balance,

Because I know I have you by my side.

Trying to keep up with the beat of life’s crazy dance,

With your voice telling me I can handle the ride. 


A one way conversation.

From this side or the other. 

But always words of salvation,

To care for one another.


Maybe for some that’s the saddest truth to utter, 

But for me it will always be the best thing ever. 


For words makes us human,

And in the silent shout of a pen on paper

Lies a simple reminder :

We’re all one of a kind if we choose to be kind.


So I send you these words Showman,

For you know it’s the best way to let love travel out of our mind.


Happy birthday sweet B, 

May this day be blessed and the next. 

And know that you’ll always be 

The most important friend I’ve never met. 



Jo D

Music lover, helpless dreamer, bit of a nutter. I like to think that the world would be a better place to live in if people smiled up a bit more often. Forever stuck in the intro of 'Streets', I keep bouncing through life and try to escape a boring reality using my very own sense of silliness. Some people think I’m crazy, and thank god they’re right. But the truth is that in the end, I’m just a U2 fan who drinks too much coffee

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