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With Or Without Gifs

20 February 2021

I can’t live, with or without gifs…. And I think that I’ve passed on my addiction to you guys. Sorry. Not Sorry. 

You have no idea what I’m talking about? Let me help refresh your memory then. When WOWY remastered was released, my notifications soon filled with pleading cries of despair for new gifs. I’m obviously messing with you all and overdoing this – because that’s what I do, I say a lot of shit – but still, I sensed a wee envy, slight need, a little wanting – a big arse craving – for gifs from the WOWY remastered video clip. 

And eh, I don’t blame you. It is literally wowy – don’t judge. I only recently added that word to my english vocabulary and I’m gonna take any excuse to use it. 

It took me a little while to work on that one and there’s many reasons for that.

First off, WOWY became for some reasons even The Edge wouldn’t understand, my pandemic song. So yeah, every single time I hear those first notes, my whole body just starts bracing for impact and leaves me sitting in a puddle of tears. That is so very convenient to have a completely misty vision when you have to cut videos to the millisecond. Ha.

Second, I’m only human. And no I’m not saying that I have a life, a couple of jobs and a few kids to deal with but that I, like many of you I’m sure, got hypnotised by said vid. Watched it a few (hundreds) times because let’s be honest, it’s quite wow B – Baby, it’s a bad pun day. Apologies. Me tired.

And last but not least – Wow B. Wow Bono. Wow… oh yeah, that’s the second reason why it took me so long to make those gifs. Remember when I wrote that the 80’s were coming back to bite us in the arse ? Yeah, they didn’t like that comment and came back harder. Wow B…lur. The wicked favorite video effect of 80’s directors apparently, the fuckin mighty Blur. But Jo! The blur adds mystery, and it’s sexy like a thin veil of lingerie in front of the lense camera – wait what, who said that?! 

Let’s leave perspectives and opinions aside for now, ahem, and let’s refocus. 

That’s a good way to do that. Thanks B.

Why is the blurry effect so evil? It’s very simple. Videos are made of frames correct?  Don’t answer that, it’s a statement. So yeah, Video frames. Basically images. And to make gifs you use those frames and simply reduce their number per second to achieve that beloved low res loopy quality. So if the blur effect looks great on video, it most often does not with gifs – because ultimately you’re just left with blurry blah and you turn WOWB(ono) beautiful (perfect) face into a shadowy smear of nothingness. 

This new gif batch that i’ve lovingly named the “about time Jo” batch, in tribute of the main reaction y’all have when I post, well, that new one doesn’t have as many gifs as i’d have liked. It’s amazing all the gifs that you can actually leave behind when the whole process gets on your nerves so badly that you have to go buy Chamomile tea – Thanks Adam, I’m super duper chill now. Kinda. 

So yes folks, main reasons why it took so long were that I had to work extra time on many of those, and when I would finally succeed I obviously had to stare at them in awe for a few minutes (hours). 

Many apologies for the delay and I hope you’ll enjoy them nonetheless. You can find them all – the few that didn’t end up in the bin – in the Gif Vault as always. 

Here’s a comforting thought though, I’ve already finished working on the Streets remastered and holy bananas that was an AMAZING one to work on. God bless clear frames. I’ll post them all in a week or so. Need to cool off my gif oven a bit before diving back to the TUF days, because I’ll be facing the double B challenge – Blur AND Mullet. 

Oh boy. More tea please. 



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