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Beautiful Day

17 October 2020

It’s a beautiful day guys, or a beautiful week more so. 

I am not even sure where to start seriously. After what felt like about a decade without any news on the horizon, – and I am certainly not blaming you U2, it’s just the way 2020 is. Time is irrelevant anyways eh?  – the U2 spirit came back to hit us full force this week.

I’m just being a brat now because we sure had some news lately, especially concerning a little anniversary coming up. A lot of news actually. And again. Where the hell do I start ? 

ATYCLB – and for the acronyms non lovers that’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind, but who have time to write so many words seriously – 20th anniversary is coming up in just a few days now and what started with the announcement of a (gorgeous) remastered release a few weeks back have now turn into a complete online celebration of this classic album. 

I wrote about this already, with the first remastered release on Spotify of the acoustic version of Stuck in a moment – you know the rest. Again many words. So let’s start there and try to find our way to whatever happened this week – spoiler alert : epicness. 

Quite a few remastered songs from the album have been released on Spotify now, along with live versions. I am completely THRILLED about it. I’ve been whining about new live versions on Spotify a lot on twitter lately and once again they delivered – anything to make me shut up guys eh ? 

Because yes, I have to admit it. Spotify is my go to when I listen to U2. And even though I thoroughly enjoy the nice crack of a vinyl spinning with a side of whiskey, my very weak arms are not really fit enough to carry a turntable all day long.

So yes, I turn to streaming services, even though I don’t necessarily agree with the way they treat artists. I even occasionally go for bootlegs because I need that live rush and there’s not enough of it on those platforms. Damn. I feel like a terrible fan all of a sudden – I’ll be right back, let me go buy another U2 shirt that won’t fit just to ease my guilt. 

Don’t judge me too harshly though, I do with the means available to me. I wouldn’t have to listen to Spotify and the likes if I was on the other side of this frigging ocean and had, let’s say, an access to a certain U2 radio ! … Oh wait. Oh boy. I kinda do actually… I’m running out of arguments now – Good time to retreat Jo. 

U2 TRACTS of course !

That’s something else that happened since my last plunge to grumpy land. I need to write about this. I swear I will. It’s planned  and it’s right there looking back at me from my task list. Yes I do have a task list for U2 stuff – this whole craziness needs planning you know. Well, apart from this post that I’m sure you can already sense is just utter spontaneous nonsense.

Talking about craziness. Have you checked the U2be channel lately ? – that’s what happen when I don’t plan stuff, I do dad jokes #SorryNotSorry.

Gorgeous remastered of our fav video clips and just as neat new lyrics videos. They sure are putting a lot of effort to make this anniversary quite memorable. Not only had they already stolen our hearts with those songs, but now they’re depriving us of our 2020 vision and leaving our eyes craving for more HQ beauty. I am not sure how much of that we can take but love is blindness anyway so we’re prob gonna be okay.

So how is it crazy? Well I lied. It’s not. I am. Because of course, HQ material only kickstarted my other U2 problem and it’s getting out of control. U2 gifs of course. I won’t tell you how many hours I’ve already spent on those or you might call the nice people in white coats to pay me a visit. That being said, you might thank me for my insanity in a few days – or weeks. Probably weeks. I’m a terrible tease. Ha. 

He is not. Any chance you’re giving lessons B?

Alright. Nothing you didn’t already know right? I’m talking about those news guys, not my mental state. Meh. Let’s just fast forward to these last few days shall we? 

First of all, we finally got proof of life for our dear missing drummer. That was a true relief, especially for all Larry girls that were clearly on the verge of desperation – you should know by now that he probably inspired ‘Disappearing Act’ guys. I know, I know, we all know that, but it still hurts a bit. Ha. Rest assured. Larry’s birthday is just around the corner and I promise I’ll post a few (lot) of Larry’s gifs so his face is all over social media again for your own pleasure – and maybe annoy him slightly . Yes, more gifs. Told you I have a problem. 

Anyways, what was our shy drummer so busy doing to not be giving any news then ? Ha. Well. Making movies and talking football apparently. It was so surprisingly unsurprising it seriously cracked me up. More seriously, we do miss him, and all of them so I’ll shut up now to not send anyone into a sulking mood. 

C’mon Larry. Just joking. Come back !!

Next up ! Adam ! HA ! Told you it’s been a great week. 

Lord Clayton blessed us with a brand new picture of his glorious capillary adventures. He’s probably one of the few humans on Earth that looks even better post lockdown. I know it’s subject to debate, but I personally find those white locks and beard particularly enticing. I’ve got that weird thought of a wee pony tail making an appearance in the future. Dream out loud right ?

(1/4) U2 and Coffee

You don’t care about Adam’s hair? Ha fine back to the point then (and what the hell is wrong with you?). Adam’s pic surfaced along with another U2 merch release this week : U2 stamps. 

Yes. Stamps. 

I get very easily excited about this band, and those who know me can vouch for that. I mean even 10% of Bono’s chin or Edge’s beanie send me instantaneously to lala land but.. I guess I am not much of a collector so stamps didn’t really appeal to me. And I don’t really use stamps anymore to be honest.

It’s not like I have friends to write to with all the shit I keep writing. Just kidding, thanks for your concern – I do have friends but they’re all living in this millenium. #ImGoingToHellNow 

Don’t get me wrong, those stamps are absolutely gorgeous and the design is more than neat. And that’s exactly why I just feel like they deserve better than ending up in some back drawer in my house. I love them but from a distance. You get those and give them shiny frames guys. I haven’t reached the point of rock n roll philately. Yet.

Stamps. Plus it’s not even the ones you can lick. #SecuringMySpotYouKnowWhere 

Damn those stamps got me slightly annoyed if I’m being honest. Adam’s pic sure smoothed the whole mood but yeah. I did get annoyed at U2 for about 4 minutes and 20 seconds (which is an all time new record!) – is it just me or is it getting cold? Maybe I should get a new U2 hoodie… 

There I was talking with a few people who don’t require me to shut up every two minutes and with whom I can openly discuss my stamps’ issues, when the convo drifted to the state of the world, the mysteries of the universe, and of course music in 2020. And I got grumpy. Matt Bellamy’s releasing tracks on Spotify like it’s nothing. Coldplay is having live instagram just to piss me off. And we have… Stamps. I may have said a few things during those four minutes about waking up stuff, or shaking stuff, or arse kicking stuff. A lot of french words that can’t really translate sorry. 

But it wasn’t a bad thing after all. You see, I apparently have an insane super power. Whenever I get grumpy with this band, they do something absolutely mindblowing and I feel like utter shit for days. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And no, I’m not gonna talk shit about them just to get us a new album people. The balance of the universe is not something that should be messed with. And I truly believe it works because my angry fits against them are just as rare as their posts – I’m gonna need to buy the whole damn shop once I finish this post. 

So once again… it worked. Guess who got her arse kicked by the U2 spirit in the end? Ha. 

I could use a little elevation of my soul at the moment

BOOM CHA ! Online watch party announced – which is probably my favorite thing that happened in 2020 – with Adam and Edge answering questions. HOLY BANANAS. I am just THRILLED about this – and my arse is really hurting thanks for asking.

We always have the best of times revisiting those shows with the U2 fam. It never fails to take us on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Between the memories we share, the ongoing convos, and obviously this music that changed all our lives… Ha. HA ! From joy to tears, from the goosebumps of a melody to the chills of a leather pant. You got EVERYTHING you need to feel in those events. And most of all, it’s a safe place for us fans to be who we are, to lose it, to have fun, and obviously forget about the real world for a couple of hours. It’s not just appreciated, it’s most certainly needed. And I can’t thank you enough for this U2com team. Don’t miss it guys, seriously.

Also I might need a volunteer to stop me from having my usuals Bono meltdowns (ahem) during this one while Adam and Edge are expecting great questions from the community. I don’t have the kind of money to make up for this. 

Seriously. Help me.

I just can’t wait honestly. And I don’t even have any questions to ask those two men other than – How are you doing? Because in the end, I might get grumpy at times, overexcited the rest of the time but all I really care about is to know they’re well and safe. Because that’s the only thing that matters with people you love – even when they probably hate you by now. 

That would make a lovely conclusion wouldn’t it ? Well. There’s more !

A little funny thing happened yesterday – this blog post is starting to look like a  confessional cabinet seriously.

I woke up to quite a few stills of our beloved guitarist holding the most beautiful box I’ve ever heard, huh, seen.

There was Edgie, eyes filled with pride, holding the ATYCLB (gigantic) boxset (that man has the right arms to carry a turntable all day) and no stamps on sight. Of course I started looking for that video even though my first coffee wasn’t even brewed, and couldn’t find anything.

For every U2 mystery, there’s only one place you can visit – and no don’t try Bono’s house that’s not a good idea – Twitter of course. A little crying emoji and a few words later, I got the link pretty fast. And posted it. And got super excited about it. And and and… realised we weren’t technically supposed to see it. I guess. That’s what unlisted categories are for right?

Oopsie. Real oopsie. I felt actually bad about it because if there’s one thing I respect more than those men, it’s their work. So I might be stepping on a lot of lines online, but never on theirs. At least not seriously – those borderline jokes don’t count. But eh, all ended well after all. The vid was on, then off, and back on. All good.

I could just have shut up about that part but I guess it’s always good to expiate your sins once in a while. Plus I don’t need more cosmical arse kicking for now. 

So that’s the best way to conclude this whole pile of nonsense I spent the day writing about – slow rhythm today, only had 2 coffees. 

He is. 

Look at him all happy and proud. That’s pretty much all of us when we’ll open our boxsets – a lot less good looking and strong but still. There’s definitely a celebration vibe in the air and gosh it feels good. 

Any other vibes occuring on this gif is beyond my control.

That’s what I jokingly call the U2 spirit. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed them. But this week? All is pretty good on that matter. It’s the little things that make us happy. Always. 

Damn. You know what?  I’ll even go buy those damn stamps.

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