Back to work

7 September 2020

A very quick note about the lack of news lately guys !

Most of you know what a lazy ass I am now and then. For those who don’t though, my sudden disappearance can be explained by the fact that I just had two weeks off work. I know that you must think that it should have given me more time to write right ? Well. Try again. I’ve been busy sleeping (a lot), hitting the beach (finally) and having a few (just a few. Honest.) pints.

Add that to the fact that I almost only write in the early morning – or late at night but eh pints –  so obviously 10 am coffees don’t work quite as well as 6 am ones on me.

Anyways ! I’m back to work today, up bright and early with no hangover on the horizon so give me a few days to readapt to adulting and I should post back some more interesting stuff very soon – or you know, my usual stuff at least. 

In the meantime, have a great monday y’all – I’ve started my day with that song and I think it’s gonna be my new ‘Monday morning’ song. It worked brilliantly to provide the (much) necessary kick in the arse I needed. The band should seriously consider bringing back this song next tour because it became quite an anthem during this pandemic. 

Maybe I’ll write more about that… or not. Who knows. I need coffee…


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