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Welcome To The North Side – Not

12 August 2020

Oh 2020. You suck.

This stupid year just keeps on taking and taking aaaand taking all our joy away. Sad news for the U2 community this week, with the announcement that the Welcome To the North side yearly event is cancelled. 

The #U244 sure will feel different this year whether you were planning to attend or not. It’s always great to know that the U2 Fam is together celebrating this special day for all of us. I’ll miss the joy online and the shared pics of bright smiles.

I have so many insanely amazing memories of The Church related to this community. Pints flowing, friendship and laughter. And the only contagious thing around is usually joy. 

Oh 2020. You suck. Hard.

That being said, that is definitely the right call to make and many thanks to the whole Church crew for thinking about our safety first. Spread the words to your friends guys,  to make sure no one’s left out.

And you know what ? Everything might be cancelled but hell we’re still here. The community is still here. So how about we all start saving (and that’s easy since there’s nothing to do) and agree to meet next year for #U245 ?

Let’s ALL go and have the most insane U2 party we’ve ever had. Who’s in folks ? I sure am because that sounds awesome. 



Jo D

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