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Let me in the sound !

28 July 2020

Let me in the sound ! Let me in the sound ! 

Gosh guys, remember this? Back in those 360 (shades of love) days ? Bono singing his heart out, while Larry brought the drooms’ thunder upon the audience… Ha. Fun times.

Alright. That’s not what I wanted to write about actually. That’s a ristretto article (hopefully – EDIT : It’s not) and I can’t wander back to happier times (for now) – I should really be working instead of writing this and someone just posted a very distracting (hot) U2 gif on twitter.

That’s also not another article about #U2XRadio guys even though that title sure does make a good rallying cry for a U2 fans riot – put down that fork, you !  The time has not come (yet).

Ok, back to the point. Some days are driveler than others. Sorry guys.

For those of you who are on twitter (and using it for good – meaning U2 and cute puppies), you might have come across a little tweet mentioning the #U2SongChallenge.

Ring a bell? Think better.. That annoying thing – with distracting gifs though – posted everyday at the same time for the last 246 DAYS FOR BANANA’S SAKE! Damn. That’s probably run by some crazy fan. Ahem. 

You haven’t ? Well, I feel sorry for you because no matter what’s your take on crazy, it’s actually quite a lot of fun ! And double sorry because that’s still not the point of that post – goddammit – so I won’t write more about it today. I promise that I will though – *looks desperately at the list of drafts in progress* – at some point. 



Now that’s the point ! I’m bringing a new category to the blog called Jukebox – flagrant lack of inspiration, might change at some point (I need help Bono) – that will be a new page with a pretty cool compilation of playlists.

 Now I know that in some parts of the world, it’s not such a big hype because you have radios and stuff (I still love you U2)  – but i can assure you that for those who don’t have access to SUCH technology, playlists are a freaking big deal.

So why am I advertising my #U2SongChallenge then ? Yes you got me, I’m the crazy one – as if you didn’t already know that. It’s literally in my bio guys.

Well U2 Fam, because as always, I care for you and I wouldn’t impose on you my terrible musical taste – for real, if it wasn’t for U2 i’d prob go straight to shitty rock n roll hell where everything smells like piss and beer and the floor is sticky lava – so those playlists are not my playlists… 

Can I get a drumroll Larry? Many thanks.


Those are OUR playlists. From fans to fans. 

I’ve been recollecting the data from the #U2SongChallenge themes and compiling playlists made from all of your replies to the challenge. Why ? Well, because I love music – and apparently I don’t have enough things on my mind yet to keep it from overthinking all the time. 

As you might imagine, it’s a bit of work to collect all that data manually – I’m just lying to you so you won’t feel guilty, it’s actually a fuckload of work – so it might take some time for me to use all the themes, but well, that’s the plan. Stop looking at me, Drafts ! – yup, crazy.

I hope you’ll enjoy those like I’m enjoying making them – we always need new excuses to listen to more U2. For those who are wondering where this silly idea came from, well, it’s actually been the plan all along. I’m patient like that.

I’ve got a few ready to roll already but I still have to deal with some blog-template-stuff-you-dont-care-about, so I guess it will be on sometime before the end of the week. 



Will depend on how many distractions are sent my way by the universe really. 

You can’t blame me.



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