And when I go there

22 July 2020

I go there with you.

I go to that place with no definite name. A place of happiness that can be anywhere around the globe. And if you’re a U2 fan, you probably don’t even need further explanation. 

I’ve been slacking off on finishing a post about that little radio these past few days, and you can’t blame me, blame facebook memories. 

Three years ago today, the Joshua Tree came back to Croke Park. And it was nothing short of magic. I wrote that little piece right afterwards if you need to refresh your memory.

Time has passed but that feeling remains. The perfect show, the perfect weekend, and of course the perfect friends. 

It’s always a great thing when people start sharing those facebook posts. Especially when that place with no name is Dublin, because there’s always a big fat bunch of them, since most of the U2 Fam goes to those home shows. I love it but I can’t help to be nostalgic about them.

It brings you back to happier times and somehow, no matter what amount of alcohol you might have ingested in such a short amount of time, you tend to remember everything so vividly. The full heart, the shouting at the sight of an old friend, the sore feet of running around like crazy all day, the joy of walking to the stadium, the tears of emotions before the show. During the show. After the show. Seriously. What a time it was to be alive. It’s even more precious now when you think about it. Uncertainty can be a guiding light but… It hits hard.

Let’s not pretend we know anything about this pandemic these days. We don’t know where we will all be in a year from now. And certainly don’t know when we will get to experience that thrill of live shows again, and forge new unforgettable memories worth writing about. 

So here’s my say on this. Let’s do our best. Let’s do what we can to make it happen. If there’s truly a light then wear a damn mask. Stay safe. Don’t be a selfish ass and follow the rules. So maybe, and all I need now is even a tiny maybe, we can go there again. 

The truth is guys, more than travelling, more than live music, and – hell i’ll be damned – more than a U2 show, what I need is an excuse to be with y’all again. 

Don’t take my fan card just yet. Of course I miss those four men with all my heart (oh so much), but I miss my friends, my family – the one I chose or chose me –  just as much. 

All I’m saying is that we need to act accordingly to the situation we’re in, this too shall pass… Hopefully. But in the meantime, wear a mask. Wear a mask. Wear a DAMN MASK. 

When that time comes again, I want to run down the street, yelling like crazy and give you the biggest hug I can – without crushing your ribs. And that can only happen if.. Well, you get it. 

When I go there, I always go there with you… and it’s all we can do. 

Stay safe U2 fam. And wear a mask. (Nope. I won’t stop) x



Jo D

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