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1 October 2018


Stop whatever the hell you’re doing! Holy fuckin bananas. Just STOP!

What the hell happened last night? All those posts I’ve been writing can go to hell just now, this is an emergency one.

What on earth have they done? What were they thinking? Check in, check in, U2 Fam still alive and kicking? Holy crappity crap.

For those living in the far end of some mountain deep into the woods, you better fuckin run to the next top and get some data going on to check the U2 on the Youtube.
I’ve been binging on these videos all morning, and I just can’t stop shaking. I’m a caffeinated ball of goosebumps and dried tears at the moment, but still I’ll try to get through that post.

You know how this band just loves to take us on crazy emotional rollercoaster? Well, it got pretty wild in Copenhagen. Just up the first turn, the cart left the rails and off we went backflipping three times around the Earth, deep into the cosmos, through that black hole leading us to a place with no name where all you can feel is complete euphoria.

Holy bananas.

Let’s rewind a bit before we get into that heavy stuff because it had been quite a weird day already.

It all started with that Times article. We learnt a lot on that one, even though we suspected most of it. It described our guys as tired, struggling with physio to get through the tour, needing a break… I was not too comfortable with it. Of course we know they need a rest, because damn we need a rest and we’re not on that stage every night. It makes sense. What buggered me was that ominous title. Last tour? Could that be their last tour?
It will happen eventually but I believe they’re not done yet. This article made me feel weird because it suggested otherwise. Not liking that one bit. But then again… it was not all untrue, and that fixed setlist was kinda pointing on that direction too.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about that since the beginning of the Euro tour. I don’t really mind because I’m way too happy that the guys are still up and running to debate on that. Even though I love to grumble (Of course I do I’m French) I love them so much more that they could play the same freaking song the whole show and i would still be a happy bunny. But love is also challenging. And maybe those complaints were the way to go after all.

So now let me ask you a question. What the fuck happened last night? Have they been playing us all along? Does that setlist changes happened because they were ready to play them, or because we were (more than) ready to hear them? Was it a gigantic flipping finger to those who believe they’re done? A reminder that they might be tired but they can still kick ass like no-one else? Jo’s 40th? The sound and Fury unleashing its power on the poor unprepared crowd? I have no idea. And I don’t want to know. Simply because it was one of those moment when you know at 200% that you chose the right band.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – well sorry about all that babbling then – let’s have a little look at what happened last night.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Night 2. (No I wasn’t there but i’ve got a very fertile imagination)

Show Time!

Another beautiful night at a U2 show. You can feel the electricity in the air as always. For some it’s the first show, for others the umpteenth, but it’s the same feeling once the music starts. The Blackout blasting, who you are will appear, there you go – full energy surge mode.

Everything unfolds as planned but that little voice in you head keeps bugging you. That instagram video. Bono saying ‘But tonight we’re going to play something different.. ‘.

….Naaaah. Don’t trust a Bono. How many times as he said things that never happened. Or a few years late. But still… Hmpf. Nevermind, let’s jump and “B” in the moment.

But as soon as you finished bursting your kneecaps by bouncing like crazy on I Will Follow, here comes the proof that you can never trust OR not trust a Bono. Freaking argumentative nature.

BOOM (1st one), GLORIA! Holy bananas that’s so damn cool! That song live is part of the holy bouncing trinity along with IWF and OOC and is nothing short of epic. And so you jump. And you sing. And you yell because fuck that feels good. He promised a change. Here we go. And it works perfectly.

You’re still happy fan dancing on beautiful day and you’re on the verge of realizing that this was just one wet firework. The real explosion is about to happen…



The Unforgettable Fire !


Stay?! Faraway, so close !



Call rescue team
Can’t breathe
Can’t think
Drown in your own tears

….Breathe in, exhale. I’m back.

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL BANANAS ! What the hell just happened?!

Well, for those in the arena, probably one of the best days of their U2 life for sure. For the rest of us online, probably the day the neighbor called the cops on you because you were screaming for your life and trashing furniture around in your bouncing wake. All in all, a pretty epic day indeed.

They sounded so good. It felt so amazing to hear those songs live again. How the fuck did people survived this? Did they planned extra emergency service at the arena? Can you imagine being on the floor of that venue and hear the transition from TUF to Stay? I fuckin can’t. I just can’t process it. Too much. Too much boys. And yet, too much isn’t enough right?

I don’t know why or what the hell they were thinking making all those setlist changes on a single night but it sure blew our mind big time. It was epic. Amazing. Out of this world. I don’t fuckin know. Just open your dictionary and find every positive adjectives you can.
I promise that from now on I’ll take what the Bono has to say very seriously – It can probably save your life to have some kind of warning beforehand. Bloody hell. Bloody hell. Wow.

We all lost our innocence with that new segment. Even the show. Now the question is, will it remain like this? Is Innocence truly gone and buried? Does that mean Paul is dead for good? I don’t know. Time will tell. But I’ll gladly follow Fuckin Bono and the best band in the northside of Dublin wherever they’re leading me. Those guys. Damn. There is no end to love.

They give themselves away. To us. To their fans. Through joy and pain. They give us so much. So much. Yes they’re getting older. Yes they’re tired. Yes their bodies can’t take as much as they use to. And yet… What band can bring you so much emotions and make you feel alive like that? Who can surprise you like that after all these years? Now and forever, I’ll never lose it like I can lose it with U2. What a freaking blessing they are. So grateful to have that band in my life.

And Bono. Please man. It was not just ok. It was fantastic. It was beyond words. Even if “humility is the eye of the needle that we all have to pass through”, please don’t be so fuckin humble when you guys, after 42 years, are still working on crafting a legend. Your band. The best band.

Thank you U2.
Thank you.

Let those wild horses run around that unforgettable fire, and I promise to Stay. The night would be enough… if you weren’t so damn good at it. Until the next one.


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