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Look who’s back !

13 July 2020

Look who’s back ! HA !

For those who’ve been around before, you’re probably familiar with these words – what can I say some things never change ! And for y’all new comers, don’t worry…. You’ll learn them soon enough !

Holy bananas, it’s been roughly two years since I took this caffeinated blog down, for various reasons I don’t necessarily care to explain – mostly because trolls and other haters don’t deserve a single second of my time – As a good man once said : Fuck the past, kiss the future !


The future better hurry up. Oh wait, it’s already here.


To make a long story short : stuff, stuff, asshats, stuff stuff, delete, stuff stuff, lose my back up, stuff stuff, ramen empire takes over my domain name, stuff, stuff, give up… There is a light, wake up, fight algorithms, win, I’M BACK !

See ? Nothing has changed, I still don’t make any sense.

Or maybe everything has changed…

Roughly two years ago, everything changed for me. Restart and reboot yourself. Literally. I quit my job, I left my country and moved abroad. I left my friends. I left my life, and brought with me only all that you can’t leave behind – kids, OH, my U2 albums and my good pan.

It has been the smartest thing I’ve ever done. It was not easy of course and took a lot of work but it was some sort of leap of faith that things could get better. And in the end, it’s been so very much worth it. Life is good for the first time in a long time. New life, new job, new everything. I’m happy to report that I survived the kids – I mean, I managed to keep the kids alive so far. And look at that, I’m back taking the time to do what I love best. Writing about those four Irish guys and of course, interacting with my U2 Fam. And trust me, when I look back where I came from, it’s a freaking blessing.

A lot has changed in the U2 world too. If you have any doubt about that, please check again the spectacular growth of Adam’s hair.


Freakin glorious !… I need that hair conditioner.


Last time I posted, we were still in the middle of one hell of an Experience led by none other than Sir Fuckin Bono and the best band on the north side of Dublin. We didn’t know yet how insane the end of that tour would be, just a few Achtung Achtung that the ride might intensify from that turning point in Copenhagen.

And then Berlin happened.
And then Australia happened. And Asia. And MUMBAI !
And then, and then … the whole world went to complete shit.
And that’s pretty much where we’re at now.

Strange times, scary times. Times in which we need that guiding light once again, and that old saying “Carry each other and wear a damn mask FFS” is more relevant than ever. Ha. HA. I won’t dwell on that for too long now, I’ll come back to it very soon in another post(s).

Back to the point.

For those who never lost a few hours of their lives reading my nonsense, well… Go for it, or not, it’s your choice – but you’ve been warned. You’ll note the emphasis on nonsense.

For those who have done that and yet come back for more – you’re my crazies and I love you for that – you might not find everything you’re looking for. What I meant with the delete part before is sadly true. I had nothing left of the blog apart from what good old webarchive snapshot for me and a few drafts lost in the depths of my cloud. That means I had to start over from scratch (mostly) and could not rescue all of those stupid posts. I’ve got a few on already, I might find some more with time. You all know that my love of organisation equals Bono’s love of colored shirts so, yup. Might take a while to find them all. Not that it is a big loss for humanity. But yes, If you insist, i’ll try – who’s the crazy one now eh?

There I am rambling again, and you might think that doesn’t change either, but yes it does. it’s getting worse. #SorryNotSorry

As you can see, I’ve kept my different categories for posts. Nothing to do with caffeine ratio and intensity – I’m not a coffee machine guys – but rather with the length of those. I know i’m a pain, but I’m a pain who cares for you. Time is precious, and sometimes a bit of guidance helps you out for the day ahead. I wouldn’t want you to fall on a whole time consuming wormhole – Learn something Youtube.

Coffee thoughts are the longest ones, goes well with your morning coffee while your mind is not fully awake and hopefully won’t make much sense of my writing.

Expresso are shorter, faster, stronger… Better ? Don’t ask me. Quick U2 fix when you need to calm down your nerves on the bus and a good way to avoid eye contact with anyone else. #IntrovertsUnite

Ristretto… Well. A single gulp. When I have just enough to say that won’t fit in a single tweet and I’m in a hurry. Prob will turn into an expresso or more with time. Fine. That’s my “I’m a lazy ass” category.

That’s about it folks! I’m very happy to be back into the blogging world, just writting this silly useless piece meant more to me than I thought it would. It’s gonna be fun, sometimes awkward, but mostly fun. Hopefully.

I’ll be bringing new stuff along the next few weeks – more music, more fun, more trying to make a change in the world stuff. Sounds a bit like a band I know… Maybe behind all the silly, there’s actual inspiration !

All that’s left to say for now is :

Welcome back #U2Fam, or Welcome !

HA !

Hope you’re all doing okay on your side of this crazy world. Two years haven’t taken the girl out of this gal, and no matter what changed, I’m still just a U2 fan who drinks too much coffee. Are you still up for that little bit of nonsense in your life ?

Good ! Y’all take care because we’ve got a few holy bananas to deal with soon ! x

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1 March 2023

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22 January 2023

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    16 July 2020

    I finally made it to read your blog! Loving it! I wasn’t around when it started but so happy to read it now. AND so ready for what’s next! thanks.. for letting me in the sound of #U2fam in the twittersphere.
    Best quote ever: “You all know that my love of organisation equals Bono’s love of colored shirts”

    • Reply

      Jo D.

      17 July 2020

      Thanks Ari ! Very happy to have you around ! 😀

  2. Reply


    23 July 2020

    I know I’m late to the party, but WELCOME BACK, fellow crazy girl!!! You delight me!


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