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13 May 2017

Holy mothers of all bananas. Did I really wake up this morning (at silly o’clock) or was it all a dream? Pinch me please – eh that hurts! Easy! 

The miracle occurred again in the early morning on my side of the world. Coffee cup and semi darkness compulsory. Headset slightly off during pre show to make sure the whole house was asleep. And then came the waiting… The excitement building up within,  entangled with a slight anxiety of what’s to come. 

Found myself a nice and cozy seat in Sil’s super steady mixlr and tried to keep my eyes open even though the arms of Morpheus kept calling me back to bed. 

And then… The Pogues. Shane McGowan singing myself back to full alert. It was happening. The time had finally come. I’d be hearing the guys live again miles and miles away… 

Boom. Boom. BOOM. Larry walking down the stage, the first music wave hitting my brain, Bono’s voice… They were here. They were back. Right into my ears and into my heart. The energy surge into oneself at this precise moment is out of this world. 

You’re right there on your chair, breathing, listening, watching and one second later you lose yourself in the sound. Drums become your heartbeat, bass resonated under your skin, the guitar keeps the electricity going between your body and that voice.. That voice opens your mind and soul to receive that beautiful gift. It feels like you’re now fully aware that you’re alive. And oh my, what a time to be alive… 

I don’t even know where to start or what to tell you about this show. I don’t even know if it’s truly reasonable to write up this article with it still fresh in mind. My twitter TL looks like a complete chaotic mess of overexcitement, feelings, nonsense and loads of F words. I should probably take a power nap or at least another coffee before… 

It’s like a storm took over my brain to be honest. No more ups and downs, flying freely song after song. A fuckin mess of emotions. From joy to tears, to tears of joy and awe… To things past and ones yet to come turning that show into a sort of bubble of time where nothing could have prepared me for. 

30 years of The Joshua Tree. 30 years. 

We all had different levels of doubts concerning this tour, but after tuning in to that show I’m pretty sure none remain. All washed away by the powerful and (almost) flawless performance of our four favorite Irish. 

It was just perfect. Perfect with its tiny imperfections – Bono being Bono on One Tree Hill, but gosh I love him for that. Wouldn’t be an authentic U2 show if the man didn’t show some proof of only being human. 

Yes, just perfect. 

The setlist? A freakin ‘dream come true. Wowzer. We had what we wanted and even more. That setlist could have been an advertisement for #U2Request really. So many songs we wanted to hear back live and boom U2 miracle granted times 20.

The visuals? Don’t even start me on this. I only caught a few glimpses of the gigantic screen on periscope and my mind was blown away. Even on a crappy streaming video, the quality of it was pristine. Unbelievable work on visuals. The lights, the choice of backgrounds, the whole damn thing… No words. Brilliant. Fuckin brilliant. It’s a U2 thing I guess.. You always wonder how they’re gonna top the previous stuff they came up with and they never fail to deliver you more magic tricks. Crazy stuff peeps. For real. I wanna marry that screen. 

Our good lads? Incredible energy. Top of the top. Fuckin hell they were in epic form. Everything sounded so damn good, so on point – Adam MUST have rehearsed at home too this time, bass killed me. It was unbelievable how good they all sounded. 

What you’re talking about Jo, it’s U2 not some freaky garage band, of course they sound good! 

Right right, but eh! It’s opening night! I never dared dream that they could sound so perfect on freakin opening night!!! – whatever stress balls you’re using guys, it’s working neatly. 

I still can’t believe such a show happened. It’s a dream. A dream come true. And the best part is that I haven’t even scratched the surface of that show. I only listened in, a few glimpses of video feeds, and yet it’s already majestic. So many details to go through, so many wink at the past to spot… That red screen for Streets, that heavy spotlight for Bullet… The hat! The freakin hat was back on top of his owner for Exit! – OMG OMG OMG Exit! So so good! So powerful! Sooooooo… Shh Jo. 

What a freakin blessing to be a U2 fan. To have picked the right band at some point in our lives. So much love and joy from those guys… No words. No words strong enough to describe their magic. 

The Joshua Tree will never fall and stay proudly up for anyone believing in its power. 30 years and didn’t get old at all. Sounding as fresh as ever, with that slight taste of maturity you can find in an aging Grand cru. Not just the album, but that band who brought it to life too… Absolutely delightful. 

Vancouver opening night truly felt like a sort of homecoming for us all. I’m coming home to my mates, to this unique feeling, to music, and to this band. Yes. I feel good today. I feel home. Thank you U2.

Time to surrender

17 March 2023


1 March 2023

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