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8 reasons to see U2 in Dublin

17 January 2017

(Special note : I was planning on publishing this one before the sales happened but due to baby duty it took me about a week to actually finish it. Sorry… #NotSorry. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless.)

There we go again,  U2 will soon be back on tour and we have new dreams tonight! Well, once you overcame the nightmare of getting your tickets of course. Securing one is always the worst day ever, til you actually get one. Then it’s the best! 

Anxiety attacks, blood pressure up to the roof, and a gallon of coffee not helping at all… And that’s just before the sales happen. Then come the yelling of course… Why is that thing not working?! What! How dare you refresh that page without my permission!  stupid computer! Come on! Come ooooooon! I AM NOT A FREAKIN ROBOT STOP THAT CRAP!… Well.. You get it. Feels like a bloody trial by combat. If you fail this, there will be casualties… Mostly your keyboard or your phone learning to fly off the window. But eh, let’s not think about this! Breathe, relax, breath again…  It’s all behind us now, and I hope everyone got the tickets they were aiming for. 

One of the many questions you ask yourself before that madness happens is usually where am I going to see the guys? When you’re lucky enough, the answer is pretty easy since they’re coming to you lucky fellas. But for some of us, it’s not that simple. And sleep in your own bed after a U2 show is part of some utopia in a perfect world that probably will never happen. But eh, that’s not a bad thing! I love traveling and U2 touring is always a great opportunity to do so. 

And this time, summer holidays being already planned and by the murderous look my banker gave me, I realized I had to make a choice. It will be one show, and one show only. But it is such a hard choice to be honest.  I’m going back to Dublin of course. 

I’ve been asked why the hell didn’t I choose to go to Paris. You’re French. Stick in France. Well first of all fuck off I do what I want. Only joking… (mostly –  don’t say that kind of thing for real. It’s rude.) but yeah, I probably would have gone to the Stade de France if I was around.. More convenient. But being abroad all of July opened a whole field of new possibilities. And I couldn’t resist long before booking my flight to the emerald island.

 But why Dublin? Oh boy, you can’t let a girl dream in peace can you..

 Fine! Here’s a few good reasons why seeing U2 in their hometown will always be the best choice for me. 

Mac concurs

  1. Dream out loud

Let’s be honest, if you were given the opportunity to see U2 live anywhere in the world free of charge, what would you choose? 

DOOBLIN TOWN of course! I’m not sure I ever met a fan who would say no to that kind of gig. Maybe the Irish themselves but meh, I don’t buy it. Seeing U2 at home is the ultimate fan goal and its on everyone bucket list! Right between seeing aurore boreal and the launch of a rocket to space.. Oh wait that’s mine, never mind. 

Even if you already saw the boys in town, it’s all good because that’s the best thing about that dream.. It doesn’t get old! You can do it all over again and it will still feel like a freakin miracle. But eh, maybe that’s not just about U2… 


  1. Special atmosphere 

I haven’t had the opportunity to see the guys around the world, and I only traveled to a few countries to do so – including Ireland – and even though I’m sure each city has that something special, I can’t help to feel that extra little something when I think about a live U2 gig in Dublin. 

It’s something in the air, that very particular atmosphere. I didn’t feel it so much elsewhere. Of course it was more than awesome too, and a good show will always be a good show but Dublin?… Ha, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s that kind of magic. The guys are home and weirdly enough, you feel at home too all of sudden. But eh, maybe that’s due to another point.. 

  1. Family reunion 

Believe me. If you can’t make it to the tour opening show, Dublin will probably be the gig where you can see most of your u2 family. It’s like a Sunday barbecue for your old aunt’s birthday! Everybody is there! 

Dublin acts as a magnet for Uber fans ( or die hard fans. I just try to sound more literate since the boys use it. And no, nothing to do with that car thingie.) and if you’ve been around for a few, you probably know a lot of them. 

That point is probably why I chose to go to Dublin once again. It’s not just the music, the band.. It’s the whole package that I want. And meeting old friends and new ones, is definitely a big part of it. I’m just as excited as seeing the guys live than experiencing it with all my mates again. 

 That’s what U2 also achieved in 40 years. Turning their good old Dublin town into a converging spot for people all around the world and God bless them for that. Happiness is only real when shared as that good dude once put it, and with a whole pit of friends, it’s definitely worth it. 

  1. Mastering your queuing skills

Once you have queued for a U2 show in Dublin, you’re ready to queue anywhere else. Well, maybe not for the release of that next Apple thingie but it’s a pretty good training. 

I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the downsides of the GA line. Extreme weather, sunburns/frostbites, restlessness, lack of coffee, the utter horror of seeing your phone battery die on you… Well bad news everyone, but more die hard fans in Dublin also means more queuing. You’ll probably have to stay longer in line and survive it because you’ll still have a long way to run (No RUNNING! – Ok, walk very fast) to get that promise rail. But eh, try to see the silver lining in all this because in the end, most of these people are your friends so it ain’t that bad, and think of it as longer hours of fun.

Sure… let’s queue up.

  1. Welcome to U2 Land 

If you’re not planning on queuing and have some free time, you just have hit the jackpot by coming to Dublin! The whole city is full of things to see about the band. Not only can you spend time visiting the usual landmarks, you’ll soon realize that they are everywhere. From a trabant car suspended on a ceiling to old pictures framed in a corner of a pub, you truly feel like your in U2 Land. And it’s a pretty cool thing for fans to stroll around and spot all these little details. 

You can do this anytime you want right? Well, the good thing about U2 playing in town is that you can have talks with practically everyone in town about the band. Some will call you crazy, others will tell you stories, but all in all it just adds up to the fun really – make sure to step out of your cab though, or your fare is gonna be higher than planned. 

In that kind of atmosphere, there’s one more thing you’ll have to look forward… U2 parties! The whole trip is already a party in itself, but being able to go crazy with all your fellow fan friends at a special post gig party is pure awesomeness. 

  1. Guinness 

If you’re an amateur of the black stuff and you’ve already been to Ireland then you’ll certainly know what I’m talking about without reading my shit. Good things come to those who wait… Well, especially for those who travel to Ireland I dare add! 

Guinness tastes like nowhere else in the world. I have always suspected Irish people to keep the good stuff for them to be true. Order a pint in France and you’ll end up with something close to water with food coloring. Or maybe we’re just really bad at serving it. Anyways, make sure to grab one of these (or a few), it will save you money on food – trust me. And it’s yummy. 

Drink and meal in a pint !

  1. Ireland rocks! 

If you’re traveling from far away and sticking around for a few days after the show then you’ll have loads to do! It is known that Ireland is very big in the same sense that #Bonoisverytall… Fair enough, or not. But I think that might rather be a heart thing. By its size.. Following me here? 

Anyways, the first time I set foot in Ireland was 10 years ago and I totally fell in love with this country and its people. It became over the years one of these destinations you go over and over again til you lose count. Make sure to get out of Dublin, book some trips around the island, and enjoy all the wonders it has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. Epic scenery, wonderful people, loads of fun… Ireland makes the old saying true. The grass sure looks greener in this part of the world. 

  1. Why not? 

Not convinced yet? Too far, too different… Well gear up and go on an adventure! You’ll have a wonderful trip to a great country, one hell of a U2 gig and a few names to add to your BFF list. It’s all about dreaming out loud, so go for it and trust me, you’ll go back home with a lot more to treasure than a ticket stub. 

Well, that was a fun one to write, it’s always easier when it’s about what you love most in life. I hope to catch up with loads of you next summer and share a few #U2pints. We’re up to one very special gig and once again, U2 is giving us the opportunity to enjoy it even further… It never was just about music 🙂 

Have fun good peeps, and for those who didn’t score tickets this time, don’t give up. Keep dreaming out loud, and one day it might just happen… 

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