Let’s go 2022 !

2 January 2022

‘It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new liiiiiife, for me and I….’

Oh wait. Wrong band. 

It is, though, a new day, and a new year and gosh we ain’t feeling that good about it are we? 

We’re now entering a new episode of the ‘FREAKING Pandemic‘ trilogy and we probably went through all the stages of that thing already. It’s just starting to feel like we’re stuck in one of those perpetual 90s sitcom reruns at this point. 


And there we are expected to take new year’s resolutions. And post it all over social media so we can get bit in the arse in a few months for not living up to our word by people we don’t even like – I said I’ll try to make less shit jokes, I never said a thing about dick jokes, leave me alone Karen! 

Don’t blame me. I’ve got terrible role models in that regard.

Well guess what. The year can resolve itself for once because we have enough shit on our plate to add unnecessary pressure to it all. 

Am I really starting this brand new year as a sad fuck, whining and writing a miserable post reflecting the state of my mental health? 

Of course not. I’ve got my post about Bono’s busk coming up for that. Ahem. 

Anyways. All I was planning to say really was… fuck that. The world is a mess, people are mostly arseholes – big news (not) – and we all know why but let’s not turn this crap post into a full arsed pamphlet. 

Don’t act all surprised, it’s always been the case, it’s just more visible now since our nosebleed seats have been upgraded to VIP tickets to the global vision. Why the hell do you think we turned into music fans crazies in the first place? 

‘Looking for a sound that’s gonna drown out the world’. Ha. Haaa yes. Something like that. 

As I already said at some point during this pandemic, we have the best training to endure those days. While everyone’s world falls apart, we still have our tunes, our band, our pretty little pictures, our glorious videos and hopefully a few friends who get it. Add a cup of coffee on top of that and you’ll be grand. 

Sure we’re still missing live music as gigs are getting cancelled left and right and breaking our little music lovers hearts but… you know what, let’s not go there today. Because again, fuck that. 

I’m not going to ramble once more about the light at the end of the tunnel because I don’t even know at this point if it’s the exit door or just the light from my zoom screen imprinted on my retina – note for later : buy sunglasses and channel your inner rockstar. 

Oh lord, am I being just plain depressing now?

Nah. Not really. You don’t need to feel hopeful every single day, you’re also allowed to rant and vent now and then, and feel like shit too. It’s okay. It’s even necessary to let those thoughts out of your head – And it’s also a fair excuse to spend a few hours on Pinterest looking at cute pics of your favs. Verified self care fact. 

Doodle little hearts on them for enhanced effect.

So yup, no new year’s resolutions on my end then, but I’ll keep up the few tricks that got me through these past two years. Hell. Not only did they get me through, but I even had fun thanks to it. And that’s the thing guys, when you don’t know when the situation will change, it’s up to you to make the best of it. You can’t wait for this shit to be over to have your life back. 

Surround yourself with people that make you laugh, find beauty and joy in the little things – the exploding number of U2 pics on my phone is definitely giving me away – and just be the obsessive music fan your family claims you are, because those tunes will carry you through – big up to Clay Calloway. 

Laugh out loud with your mates, giggle at the stupid shit always, wiggle that butt on your chair when Streets comes up on shuffle, shout into the void now and then, care for those who care too, and make as many dick jokes as you like because the world is too busy to even notice anyway.

See? Told ya we were safe, Edgie. 

So really 2022 is the perfect opportunity to be you, and just you – and that’s probably the best resolution you can take this year. 

Am I saying a lot of shit again? Of course I am, that’s the whole point – but if you smiled even once reading said shit then you already won that day. 363 to go! 

‘Don’t fear the world, it isn’t there. Literally.’ – Bono, 2022 (probably) 

Happy New Year U2 Fam.



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