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60 reasons to love The Edge

8 August 2021

This is the day guys! This is the Edge’s big birthday !

I love rock stars’ birthdays seriously. All of a sudden, the internet is not such a shitty place anymore. It’s like going straight from the plastic wrap room of UTEOTW to the Discotheque epicness at the flick of a switch – of a mirror ball. 

Everyone just wakes up from that dark slumber and starts sharing their favorite memories, songs and thoughts about the birthday boy – and seriously I could live in a world where there’s only Edge’s sweet face on my TL – just so much love pouring out from every dark corner you know.


He just makes everything right, doesn’t he? 

Or maybe it’s just love.

Both? Both. 

And love is probably the answer to everything. I’ve been thinking about this birthday post for a while now, and how to best celebrate our guitar hero, and for once it was an easy one to figure out. You can go re-read this paragraph’s first sentence now. 

We all love the Edge for different reasons. His genius. His guitar’ing – still no English. Or you know… Him.

It’s quite hard to narrow it down really, but why the hell should we try to contain that love? 

So here’s 60 reasons to love the Edge on his 60th Birthday. It might get loud – and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

  1. He’s sweet

  2. He’s kind

  3. He’s got the best smile

  4. He’s funny

  5. His arms

What do you mean that’s just stating the obvious ?


You have a point.

It’s the man’s 60th birthday – Let’s do it right then!

Legit picture of Edge’s birth on Planet I’m-too-awesome-for-the-rest-of-you 

60 reasons to love The Edge

1 – He’s the genius of the band – and that’s one thing both band and fans agree on.

2 – He still has the Explorer.

3 – The Achtung Baby look.

Maximum Class

4 – He can fix the printer.

5 – Music Rising. 

6 – The way he looks at Bono on stage. 

7 – The way Bono looks at him on stage.

8 – “Sounds actually mean something. They have power.” 

9 – You could kick his arse at Guitar Hero and enjoy the irony of it all for at least a few weeks.

10 – He’s trustworthy. When he says something will happen, it usually happens – not looking at any other rockstar in particular here.

11 – The way he bounces around like Tigger.

12 – He ends up with spare bits after assembling IKEA furniture too.

We’ve all been there Edge – perfectly normal.

13 – He’s got a boat – You bet he can turn it up loud !

14 – The way he plays the guitar while playing the piano – he probably can bake a birthday cake at the same time honestly, he’s just unreal like that sometimes.

15 – He’s humble – so humble he doesn’t event get mad if we drop the ‘The’.

16 – He can carry stuff – again, not looking at anyone else in particular.

I would trust that man with my coffee! That says it all.

17 – No-one can ring those bells like he does. 

18 – He could have solved the mysteries of the universe thanks to shrooms but didn’t because of.. Well, shrooms. 

19 – He blushes when he drinks too much (Or just drinks. Point to be investigated. I volunteer.)

20 – He’s got an internal sonar that helps him navigate the stage with eyes closed. Never fails. Almost. 

That’s what happens when you skip maintenance day, Edgie. 

21 – (Told you about his arms).

22 – “U2 albums never get finished. They just get released.”

23 – He’s from the future and still chose to come back and live through 2020. 

24 – He doesn’t snore (at least he didn’t in 92).

25 – His wife rocks. 

26 – He managed to find a way to avoid doing his hair for the last 30 years. 

27 – He’s got a favorite instagrammable tree.

28 – He never misses a chord, he just reinvents new solos. 

29 – The 360 jump move.

This should be reason enough honestly. 

30 – He’s 60 and doesn’t give a damn about what you can think of his scratch sneakers (I personally love those. Go Edge.) 

31 – He can make pizzas.

32 – He’s brave enough to have a twitter account – Come back @360FromTheEdge ! We’ll behave, promise! (as if anyone would buy that).

33 – The fact that he keeps tabs on his beanie collection – last update : 345.

34 – His nickname has a nickname. 

35  – The bass on 40.

36 – He’s basically all of us with his little pre show dances.

I keep repeating myself, but Edge is my spirit animal.

37 – You can tell he’s still so excited about his job.

38 – He takes the best selfies – proof of it all over U2’s instagram.

39 – Dread Pirate Edge inspiring generations of fans.

40 – He’s U2’s funky chicken – Dont @ me, I didn’t say that. Bono did. (Of course he did)

41 – The Joshua Tree Grammy’s speech.

42 – The way he looks at the crowd on stage, lost in the moment.

43 – He invented the Blackberry Yoga.

And we’re all eternally grateful that Bono captured it forever.

44 – He GETS how the intro of Streets makes us feel

45 – His funny faces. 

46 – He’s got Dallas. 

47 – Venda Davis.

48 – He’s a Converse sneakers kinda guy.

49 – He’s the Zen Master.

50 – He’s got the best sunglasses (don’t tell that rockstar we’re not looking at since the beginning of this post).

And that’s def the best finger too.

51 – He doesn’t mind giving out his guitar picks – legend says they grow in his pockets.

52 – His solo performance of ‘Running to stand still’. 

53 – He’s a bit of a nerd.

54 – He’s the only one who manages to get Bono back in his body – at least on stage. Hopefully. Oh boy.

55 – The Sian shirt during EI

56 – He doesn’t go for half measures.

I mean. Fearless.

57 – The way he tear the plastic wrap of the ATYCLB boxset so carefully.

58 – His unbelievable kindness everytime he’s out on the signing line.

59 – He gave us “his” phone number and text fans. Some. Supposedly. Still waiting for mine… It’s been over a year, maybe I should take the cue eh.

60 – His U2X radio show is called Close to The Edge and yet he still hasn’t pushed anyone.

60² – He’s a workaholic.

Here’s a song for you Edge, it’s called ‘Let it go’… wait, nevermind that. Keep playing you genius.

(Still) 60 – Bedge – and that’s the reason why there is so much Bono in this birthday post. You can’t really celebrate one without mentioning the other.

(Fine) 60 – He is the only one who doesn’t know that he is the most influential guitar player in a quarter century. Again, credits to Bono.

(I’ll stop now) 60 – He’s The Edge for banana’s sake, what else do you need really? 


And he always gets it. (Having a little drink there, Edgie?)


Happy 60th birthday The Edge! Edge! Edgie! Reg! Genius Earthling!….

Whatever name you want to use really, because for us you’ll always be our FAVORITE guitar hero on Earth and every other planet known to humanity. Have a good one surrounded by your loved ones – and loads of cake and blushing.

Much love. Always x



Wait a minute.

That’s not all, ha!

You know – or at least now you know – that Edge is a workaholic right?

Well… I’m a freaking U2holic so I wanted to do something special for a fellow member of the lets-work-on-some-U2-stuff-at-the-beach-instead-of-relaxing club – true story. And, truthfully, this celebration wouldn’t be complete without a few extra… GIFs perhaps ?

Well. It’s more like one big gif. Like a gif of gif.

I’m not making any sense am I?

Oh well, try this then  :

– Edge’s 60th birthday GIF(t) –


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    21 October 2021

    I actually love this blog!!! It’s so wholesome and I always love seeing fellow u2 fans around! (I too, consume entirely too much caffeine) – Misugata


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