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Random gifs with Pop sugar on it

16 January 2021

Happy new year y’all ! 

Haven’t had a chance to say it yet – or at least not on this platform – so here goes! Thanks for the much needed company all along 2020 and let’s hope this new year brings us all a lot more joy, hope and of course music!

As for that stupid year we just went through… Ha. Nothing else to add really.

Dear 2020…

Anyways ! New year, new gifs ! And I haven’t posted some in a while so there’s a bit more than usual in this new batch. 

I haven’t been keeping up with the new remastered videos of the U2-be channel either in terms of gifs, but the U2 social media announced yesterday that the next vids in line for a freshen up will be The Unforgettable Fire ones !

And that means only one thing guys.

I’ll be able to gif Bono’s mullet in HD quality so I definitely need to empty my hard drive and make some space for that glorious era. 

This batch is quite random. No specific eras or vids. Well.. that ain’t totally true. I might have spent some time those last few days watching some interviews from the Popmart era so… there’s some of that. And I stumbled upon the Staring at the sun video clip I hadn’t seen in a while.. So. Hmpf. Yeah. Fine. 

Let’s call it the random gifs batch with pop sugar on it – no illicit substances were used in the making. At least not from my side of the screen. Ahem. 


(I guess ?)

Very funny Jo.

Oh Pop Bono you… What was I rambling about ?

Right ! I always plan on just posting those things and not annoy you with my nonsense but I guess new year or not, some things never change and I haven’t learned how to shut up yet. Thanks for those who had the courtesy to read this – so not worth it, I’m sorry. And not that I’m not enjoying your company but my afternoon coffee is running cold so… 

Off you go, same place as usual ! Enjoy !



Jo D

Music lover, helpless dreamer, bit of a nutter. I like to think that the world would be a better place to live in if people smiled up a bit more often. Forever stuck in the intro of 'Streets', I keep bouncing through life and try to escape a boring reality using my very own sense of silliness. Some people think I’m crazy, and thank god they’re right. But the truth is that in the end, I’m just a U2 fan who drinks too much coffee

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