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The Best Thing About… gifs.

15 December 2020

I know, I know, I never stick to the plan and this is definitely not the U2 song challenge post I promised but eh, as I often say, the best plan is no plan at all sometimes. 

Talking about best things, here’s a new batch of gifs made with love just for you – or more likely because I had a crappy week and needed the distraction. Those of you who follow me on twitter prob’ know which vid I’ve been working on since I pretty much flooded my TL with those all week long. I already had a few from that one, the most obvious ones of course, but it’s been a while since I really wanted to go full gif crazy on The Best Thing About Me video clip. 

I knew I needed quite some time for it, or being half arsed with the rest of the world so I could properly focus, because it’s a total gif goldmine. You have no idea how much material there is until you start looking at that vid’ frame by frame. So much of it doesn’t last more than a mere second and just goes unnoticed. But eh, here enters the magic of gifs – Turning a second into an eternity if needed. 

Confused again?

Let me explain  :

  • We all know that one, it’s already a classic and largely used on social medias brawls against our never-ending-whiner pals, the U2 haters. 


  • But have you ever noticed that poor couple of tourists seemingly pretty concerned with the mental state of our beloved frontman? 


Ha. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t but now you can enjoy the look on their face forever if you want to – don’t do it though. It’s just weird. 

What is a lot better is to enjoy the many split second expressions  of our favorite band, and that’s pretty priceless – and probably just as weird if you really think about it but they already know we’re nuts so who cares.

Well, that’s probably more than enough words to say : new gifs in the vault guys ! There’s probably a lot more to be made from that vid’ and I will but for now, adulting calls. 

As always you’ll find them all in the “Latest” category right this way – there’s a few extra random ones because eh, why not. 

Enjoy and take care folks x 




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