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GIFs spilling over the brim…

6 June 2021

… of the 1500 gifs mark ! 

Ha! I’ve officially doubled up the number of GIFs in the vault since I first launched it back in November, and I thought I’d share this with you because I’m pretty happy about it ! 

Those guys sure know how to keep me busy and provide me with hours of endless fun with those remastered vids they keep dropping. It’s one great feeling to take 4K video and turn it back into a low res crappy loopy video…. ahem. Sorry U2. Or you know… the whole team working on that. 

Little appreciation post for those people we tend to forget. Just want to say thank you for all the hard work. I’ve already said it but – it looks amazing, it sounds amazing, you’re amazing, everything is awesome and U2 rules. Or something like that. 

He says it better… as usual.

More seriously, It’s truly been a blast so far – and not just for this little saboteur – but for the whole community. These videos are a bundle of joy every time they drop – the squealing squirrels screechs you keep hearing are actually the sound of the U2 fan community anticipation/reaction – and one of those little blessing technology has to offer. Some can revisit their own blurry memories – and realise it was actually blurry all along – and for the younger gang of the fam, it truly gives us a sense of what was, even err… when we didn’t really want to know about it (of course we want to know about it).

I can now actually see what you’re doing here Bono… 

*Fake Outrage – Real Loud Sigh*

Ha! I’m just babbling again about things you don’t really care about am I? I’m starting to know how you think you little GIFs addicts… So I won’t waste your time any longer. 

I’m hella late on the latest remastered vids so I won’t post everything today, but since Sunday is GIF day, here’s a nice little batch for you. 

Quite a few miscellaneous things from different eras that I had lying around the vault are back on the shelves for your viewing pleasure, and of course, I couldn’t resist the call of that original leathery garden tart breaking my heart all over again – but this time in HD – leading me back to another historical U2 event called THE FREAKING ZOOTV TOUR.

And the actual footage of the conception of the Zoobaby….



Now is probably a good time to shut the hell up… 

Go on guys, you know the way !

Enjoy !



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