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Waiting for U2… Huh, Santa.

30 November 2020

Last week, we ended the #U2SongChallenge on Twitter after 365 days, and I’ll soon write about that crazy adventure, but as fun as it was, I needed a little break. 

And guess what? I did. For about 2 hours.

And then I got bored again… I know, I’m quite efficient at restarting and rebooting myself. Less U2 Fam shenanigans, meant more time to listen to the kiddos and realise that we had entered the “Is it Christmas yet?” season. 

Have kids they said…

Hey Hey, Sha La La… Wait a minute. Wrong Sha La Las. 


Mulled Wine, Whamaggedon challenge and of course the frozen slippery floor bullshit… All part of a much awaited advent season hopefully lifting our spirits a tad bit. Even more so this year, given that it means we’re finally closing on the end of this stupid nasty 2020.

And I decided to add a little something to that… Because I’m nice.

And bored – (mostly bored).

Behold the :


Ha! Or more likely Ho! (Ho, Ho…we’ll shine like stars… Wrong one again). 

So yup, just visit the blog from tomorrow Dec 1st, and add a little U2 sweetness to your day. Now, don’t get too excited, that was done in less than a few days so don’t expect anything fancy. A few cool gifs, some nice songs and other funny stuff that will hopefully bring a smile to your face while waiting for U2 santa this year. 

Sha la…

… Oh, one last thing!

I’ll be throwing a little giveaway on Dec, 26th. I’ve added a few quiz doors – super hardcore serious questions…not. – and each good answer gives you a chance to enter and win a U2 and Coffee mug of your choice ! 

Enjoy U2 Fam ! Happy holidays and stay safe x



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