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Happy Birthday Bono !

10 May 2016

There it is. My favorite social media day of the year. Today we celebrate the 56th birthday of our beloved Bono and that means… a fuckload of pictures, videos, and other silly gifs taking over our timelines! Ô Glorious Day! Nothing better than waking up to a thousand pics of Bono’s mullet or… wait – maybe not these ones, but eh you get the point.

I’m usually part of the festivities when it comes to celebrate our guys and I particularly spam tweet a lot for birthdays. And yet I realized by sitting in front of my screen this morning that I had no idea what to tweet. What’s wrong with me you might ask? We all have our favorite in the band – some may not but I have no idea how you do that. And out of those four guys, there’s always that one you seem to relate more than the others.

It’s no secret that I am a “Bono’s girl” through and through – and my love for that man doesn’t only lie on the fact that he’s the king of Holy Fuckity Hot Fuckness – yes, that’s an actual title. The guys have pretty distinct personalities, and by their behavior, you just feel closer to Bono, Edge, Adam or Larry. Bono’s silliness and sensitivity is something I can relate to I guess.

What silliness?!

Anyways, so here I am, trying to write something about my favorite band member and I have no clue what to say. Actually I have a lot to say, and the problem is where to begin – and probably where to stop after I start. But eh, endless babbling about something is one of my main characteristics so I guess you won’t mind – or just skip part of it. After all, I wrote articles about Adam or Larry and I feel a bit like a fraud to not have a single Bono related article on this blog. Seat belt fasten, here we go for a ride in a Bono’s girl mind – Am I the only one scared at this point?

Oh Bono, Bono, Bono… too bad that one works only with Beetlejuice eh? It always makes me smile to hear his name because in French “Bon” means “Good”, and that’s exactly the feeling I get when I think about that guy. A good person. He’s not only one of the biggest rockstars alive (and the coolest, but that’s only my very biased opinion) but so much more. But I’ll come back to this part in a few.

“Please… Of course I am”

I’d like to share a little story with you. Last December, I brought one of my friends to the final gig in Paris. She’s not a diehard fan, she never saw them live before and she probably just got caught up in my enthusiasm and decided to tag along for that show. I told her that I had only one specific request. She was in charge of taking pics, because I never do. The guys took the stage, and after a few minutes she told me “Damn Jo, I’m sorry but I can’t! He’s right in front of us but I just can’t!”. Yeap… That’s the effect our good old Bono has on common people; for fans it’s even harder. That man has so much charisma and presence on stage that it’s actually really hard to look at him when he gets closer. It feels like staring at the sun. He fuckin shines for real. And if your eyes meet, damn, good luck with that. I always feel like a really shy 5 year old every single time. You might laugh at this thought but I know for certain that I’m not the only one who has that irresistible urge to look at her feet when Bono is around.

“Sorry about that Jo. Oh wait… #NotSorry”

Should I even start talking about his voice? You know that thing that seems to go right through your bones and straight to your soul? I’m not sure I get that specific chill with anything else than that guy voice. Take that version of Every Breaking Wave they played during last tour, Oh here I am smiling and crying and I have absolutely zero control about it. What sorcery is this? or maybe that’s just that kind of magic… Right in the feels B man, every single time. There’s definitely a lot to say about Bono as a musician. I won’t even start on his lyrics and stuff or we’re bound for a 10 volumes encyclopedia. He has a gift for words, and those songs means a lot to us mostly because of this. But as I was saying earlier, he’s not only a rockstar but so much more.

Activist, Humanitarian, Father, Husband… For all those who can’t see what a great example he is, please have your eyes checked asap. He’s my favorite super hero, because yes, he truly is.  He’s capable of achieving so much. And if you ever doubted that one person can make a difference in the world, well, have a good look at that man. He uses words as brilliantly to plead important matters than he does when writing songs. His voice is not only about music, but about getting louder and being heard by those who are not listening. And most of all, he does what is right. Never mind the critics, the stupid Bono bashing and other harm that could come his way – fuck all this and let’s do it. Mad respect for that Bono.

He’s an endless source of inspiration. A beacon of hope, of motivation, of light… He taught us to dream out loud, that love always drown out the haters, to choose love over fear. 56 years inspiring us to be a better person and always look out for the light.

There is no end to love…

There’s no word strong enough to thank him for all this. He changed many lives and still inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. If the world would listen to him the way us fans do, it sure would be a better place to live in. Not much to add now dear Bono – and I should probably shut the hell up anyway – and with no better words to offer, Thank You.

Happy Birthday B man, I hope it’s a good one. Have fun, stay safe – that includes no biking after pints! – and may we celebrate many more years in your company. And never forget – You fuckin rock. Oh and… we love you.

(And a very happy birthday to Jordan too!)

PS: If you want to contribute to a good cause and wish Bono a happy birthday, the “Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday 2016” is still open. You might want to check it out. If you can’t donate, use your voice and spread the word – free of charges! For more info, please  visit @AfricanWellFund on Twitter. 

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