Happy Birthday

Dear Bono,

I talk a lot. 

Actually I’m not a big talker in real life to be honest. But when it comes to you and that band of yours (don’t tell Larry I said that) I never shut up. And, ha, on your birthday I usually become quite unsufferable. Tweeting storms, lenghty nonsense blogs, annoying gifs, and even shitty poems – yeah, I did that before it was trendy.
I looked around this little blog the past few days, trying to figure out if there was anything left unsaid about you. And there is. Millions of stuff. But hell, even the ego booster wouldn’t be enough to not bore you to death with those – and probably kick my arse. 

So here’s my gift for you this year. A little peace.

I’ll finally shut up (for the next 24 hours don’t pop open the champagne just yet ) and let you enjoy your day without having to wonder ‘what the fck are those damn fans posting now’ – can’t take responsibility for the rest of the fandom though, there’s so much I can do. 

So I’ll just say, thank you.

Thank you for the inspiration – to be better, to try harder, to hope longer, to love truer, and of course always dream louder.
You make the world a better place to live in, but you also help us find the best version of ourselves. So yeah. Thanks for that too. 

Ha. I promised you peace right? I’ll shut up then. That being said, I think others have stuff to say about you too… No pun intended.

Sorry ? 

Never sorry. 

Much Love x


- Thanks for giving us a great life -