I’m ready for the laughing gas
I’m ready
I’m ready for what’s next
I’m ready to duck
I’m ready to dive
I’m ready to say
I’m glad to be alive
I’m ready
I’m ready for the push, uh huh
In the cool of the night
In the warmth of the breeze
I’ll be crawling ’round
On my hands and knees
Just down the line
Zoo Station
Got to make it on time, oh Zoo Station
I’m ready
I’m ready for the gridlock
I’m ready
To take it to the street, uh huh
I’m ready for the shuffle
Ready for the deal
Ready to let go of the steering wheel
I’m ready
Ready for the crush, uh huh
Zoo Station
Zoo Station
Zoo Station
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby, hey baby
It’s alright, it’s alright
Time is a train
Makes the future the past
Leaves you standing in the station
Your face pressed up against the glass
I’m just down the line from your love (Zoo Station)
Under the sign of your love (Zoo Station)
I’m gonna make it on time, make it on time (Zoo Station)
Just a stop down the line (Zoo Station)
Just a stop down the line

Also known as

Zoo Station (we’re not that lazy come on)

REaaaady for the push

Best served with

Jagermeister Cold Brew shot

My side note

If that intro doesn’t get you hyped,you’re probably not a U2 fan.

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